It’s a fact. According to numerous studies, 5 things occur when women come together to learn and grow:

  1. Their confidence, collective intelligence and sense of belonging increases.
  2. They more easily overcome challenges and obstacles.
  3. They experience higher levels of success and satisfaction.
  4. Their anxiety, stress, sense of isolation and low self-worth decreases.
  5. They become mentally stronger and accomplish more.

This is our time to connect on a deeper level to ourselves and one another. We are being called to give our gifts like never before, and we need each other to do this. We each hold the key to a healthier world, and it’s time to engage our feminine magic and put everything we have learned into practice to conjure the world we desire, inside and out.

“Joan, In a very deep and nourishing way, you are a solid source of strength and a grounding force that is ever present…a life force so connected to spirit with a child-like innocence that knows how to play…and how to pray. Your commitment to giving all that you are inspires me at the deepest level of my being and I am repeatedly touched by your gentleness and your kindness.  You are a model of an actualized woman, you offer an infinite variety of resources to those you serve and you have a heart as big as the ocean.” Summer Richardson

What happens in a Heart Intelligent container?  As you sit there listening, you notice the conversations are deeper, more meaningful than you expected.  You no longer feel isolated, inadequate, as if you’re the only one struggling with overwhelm, inertia, low self-esteem.

You start to experience an exquisite sense of belonging. You begin to feel safe, understood and accepted. You hear inspiring stories from those who conquered formidable challenges, who achieved impressive successes. Your stress level radically decreases. Your fears subside. You find yourself relaxing, more receptive to learning about others, and more importantly, about yourself.

This group is designed to develop confidence, clarity and creativity in sharing your truth, your aliveness, and that which is emerging from your essential self. Together we embody our feminine radiance and create a safe environment where we support one another in our never-ending adventure of self-discovery.

Each meeting is a creative exploration of what is authentically moving in you in that moment. We use a variety of powerful skills including:

  • Heart Intelligence
  • Non-Violent Communication
  • Voice Dialogue
  • Gestalt
  • Family Dynamics
  • Psychodrama
  • Breathwork
  • Tantric and Taoist Practices

This work opens your awareness to reveal the deeper energies that are influencing your personality, decision-making and your journey through life.

The focus for the group is to align your centers of trust, passion, power, and heart, while fortifying your ability to communicate clearly, and enhance your creativity, intuition, vision and internal guidance.

Unlike talk therapy, this is a vital, creative and passionate experience. We’ll expand our range of feelings, learn to communicate more effectively, and support one another in revealing our true nature as we continue our ever-present experience of awakening.

This class is postponed, please reach out to be on our list for this class!

Cost $600, can be paid through PayPal, Venmo, visa, MC, check or cash

If this speaks to your heart, and you want to join me, email joan@talkinghearts.com or text me 808 280-9005

Love and Magical Blessings,