By Tomas Heartfield

When you think of “shadows”, do you envision skeletons coming out of the closet?  Well, sometimes they do. We all have shadows, all shapes and sizes. We might be aware of some, and completely unaware of others. They’re shadows, after all. They do however, leave clues in the patterns of our life, and it can be fun detective work to bring them to light. Like for instance, little things we start to notice that we do (and do not do) that crash our joy.
the things we do (and do not do) that lower our ability to give our gifts, such as: feeling “not good enough”, “unworthy”, “incapable”, and all the other ways we stop ourselves from being, doing and having what we want.
We can investigate what holds us back with safety, humor, respect, trust, compassion, and tenderness. This points us toward our sacred work. It helps bring our souls into fuller light.
After all, our “shadows” are simply programs in need of an upgrade.
If you want to be loved you gotta let yourself be seen! Warts and all. Not display them exactly. But certainly not hide them.
That takes energy!
You see, your flaws are part of your human beauty.  They are worth embracing.
What if…
Part of your journey into wholeness
Is getting free from your own self judgment,
Which sometimes spills out onto others?
Judgment is a survival strategy the mind is designed to use.
It also hides secret attitudes that close the heart and affect our ability to love what is.
Judgments are part of our perspective, and they can be disarmed.
When you are willing to see them for what they are, you can use them to find hidden treasures.
Self Acceptance Is Self love.
Yes! You can become more real, and also more lovable!
That’s what Being lovable is all about!
Feeling safe enough to be real.
There’s risk here!
You may end up loving what you don’t love now.
In a circle of conscious awakening hearts, magic happens!
What was once cast aside and denied can now be embraced.
Because your heart is opening to the energy that powers these shadowy fellas, they are no longer disowned.
Then the real fun begins.
Ferreting out our shadows can be a portal to a treasure trove of more aliveness. You may have seen it in yourself (or someone close to you). It might be a tendency to go just so far in relationships, and then when it gets really good, you find yourself shutting down. Or…you might be heading into developing your special gifts, and pull back get when it’s time to really show up and own your power.
To get to the flip side of this place, you gotta go exploring. It’s kind of like spelunking, going down into the underground places and looking for the thoughts, feelings, patterns and habits that hold us back from expanding into new places.  It is beyond cool, and much easier, to do it in an amplified field of loving acceptance cuz you get to it faster. Plus, what’s alive in you deserves all the help you can get.

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