What is Enlightened Relationship?

We have been asking this question since we first met in the steamy jungles of Ecuador where we came face to face with the most divine archetypal God and Goddess we had ever known. We literally saw and felt this energy as it came through us mirrored in each other’s faces. In honoring this energy, it has directed us as our relationship has continued to unfold over the years with care and consciousness. This spiritual directive has taught us how to access the most enlightened response to every situation life has brought us.

We had both played out our reactive patterns in other relationships and the difference of relating with this consciousness and creativity delighted and amazed us. It was as though the archetypal energies were entering our lives on a personal level. We were literally “shown” how to “do relationship correctly”, thereby honoring the bigger matrix of the divine within us.

This involves accessing the clearest pathway for communication in each moment without sacrificing our individuality or integrity. Our awareness showed us ten steps for bringing enlightenment to relationship.

1. Acknowledge the Divine (God in whatever form you choose) in your lives.

2. Pray, Ask, Decree that you be shown the Divine will for your lives.

3. Recognize and treat each other as Divine.

4. Take responsibility for everything that happens and own your contribution in every situation.

5. Choose the highest possible interaction in each moment.

6. Listen and communicate attentively and respectfully.

7. Tell the truth without blame or judgement.

8. Find the perfect response that uplifts, supports, nurtures, inspires and delights you and others.

9. Know that in every experience lies the possibility for transformation.

10. Always be kind to each other.

Freeing the trans-formative power in love is enormous. By releasing our patterned responses and moving into the inquiry of “what is the highest, most creative option for this moment”, an energetic shift is created which propels us beyond our previous identities and lets us live in the extraordinary magic of the new. In every moment is the potential for joyful loving interaction that makes life a playground full of wonderful discoveries. We go beyond technique into genuine creativity in relationship, where we choose to be aware in the moment.. By simply showing up and paying attention to what has heart and meaning, we can access a mode of communication of vast transformative potential.

In addition to paying rewarding dividends, these attitudes create a vortex of active participation with Universal proportions. This focus begins to activate your Divine potential by creating a spaciousness that can only be described as sacred. Perhaps the most unique thing about this “new” terrain is its haunting familiarity. It allows you to be supported as you surrender ever deeper to its deliciousness. The sacred domain of relationship recognizes the value of everything. As you place value on all aspects of your life, more value begins to be felt in every aspect of life. You have now created an upward spiraling vortex that begins to take you and place you in never before imagined experiences that resonate with the deepest part of your heart and soul.

You now begin anticipating the needs of your lover and beloved’s in the same proportion as you recognize and honor your own needs. At this point you are not the doer. You are the receiver of your reality. You are now in the state Rumi was in, at one with love. In a sense, everyone becomes your beloved, because you have the ability to see that aspect in everyone around you.

Our intentional imagining can hold the vision of a world where we treat each other with a quality of respect and recognition of the most sacred and familiar. The Hawaiian culture has a word for awakening this process within us. Makala ee ahh. Say this word out loud and decree your awakening to transformative relationship.

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