Tomas Heartfield

Tomas is the co-author of Sage Advice, Resolving Challenges in Love Relationships  and the co-director of Talking Hearts. With his background in education, herbal knowledge, anti-aging, horticulture, Tantric and Taoist studies, bodywork and the healing arts, Tomas has learned how to bring more energy and life force into the creative process. He lives life to the fullest, and enjoys sharing his knowledge with friends and clients.

He creates beauty in the natural environment by planting trees and food, and his grounding presence is a comfort to those around him.

Tomas created the Awakened Masculine program and was core faculty of the Divine Feminine Institute from 2005-2012. He teaches men how to fuse and harmonize their sexual energy with their life purpose. Synthesizing Taoist and Tantric disciplines with Compassionate Communication, Heart Math, Heart Intelligence, and non-dual understanding, Tomas guides men into the refinement of their life force,  to create deeper intimacy and love in their relationships.

Tomas educates men and women in sacred sexuality. He uses a combination of healing modalities to change core beliefs and heal sexual wounding, shame and guilt.

Tomas and Joan developed Romancing the Beloved workshops for couples, Conversations that Matter for singles, Opening to Love Ceremonies, and a Certification Program for Spiritual Sexual Educators through the Divine Feminine Institute.

Teachers and mentors that Tomas has been influenced by include: Michael Harner, John Gray, Joanna Macy, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Robert Bly, Swami Satchidananda,Vishnu Devananda, & Rev. Noel Street who he assisted and taught seminars with through Unity Church.

Tomas Heartfield

My sessions with Tomas were extraordinary and transformative. I am a doubter, a person who lives in her head, who is afraid of feeling. What a path this has started me on!  Now I feel what I have been numbing all these years. I feel what it would be to have a beloved and commune with him on all levels. I know that if conditions were right, the soil properly tended, I would be safe to express myself fully.  I know what it feels like to be received. I feel more open physically and emotionally.  I feel safe to be me.