The Magic of Winter Solstice:
The Light in the Darkness Heart Circle

Using Heart Intelligence
For singles and couples

Dec 15th, 2018 from 10 am-6 pm

$100 includes a delicious organic lunch

 “The journey into the light is through the center of our own darkness.”  – Osho

As we finish the year, we feel the preciousness of the Winter Solstice. It is a time to pause, open our hearts, and do an accounting of our life. Our Intuition and Vision is heightened now in the dazzling darkness, and becomes even clearer in an amplified field of collective hearts. We are evolving together and we feel the power of our collective transformation.

Finding the light in the darkness is a theme for our times, and for many of us personally. In this Solstice window, we can look back and see where we have “sinned”, where we have “missed the mark”. We can feel into what worked, and what didn’t work. 

 By looking directly into the darkness, into those parts of ourselves we don’t like, or those things we said or did that were unkind, or those places where we just didn’t show up, we can take stock of our self and ask:

 Where did I not care for myself?

Where did I not show up for myself?

Where did I not care about other?

Where did I not show up for other?

Where did I think I was getting away with something, only to have it boomerang back on me?

 As we clearly see what didn’t work, and look at what we would have said or done differently, we can imagine the words or actions we might use instead, if given a second chance. And we’re always given a second chance—or however many we need until we get it right. 

 Like the movie Groundhog Day, we keep getting the opportunity to show up in a way that works, with the same person, or with someone else. Similar circumstances arrive that give us the chance to choose again, and we get to celebrate when we finally get it right.

 In the company of other heart intelligent friends, we can practice showing up as we wish to show up. We can practice forgiveness. We can practice standing up for ourselves, and for others. We can reveal who we are, even that part of us still in the shadows. As we feel accepted, we feel safe. When we feel safe, we relax, our hearts, open, and we have a heck of a lot more fun. 

Let us know if you can join us—we hope you can! 

Love and Magical Blessings, Joan and Tomas


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