The Magic of New Beginnings Heart Circle

For singles and couples
January 18, 2020 from 10 am-6 pm

$100 includes a delicious organic lunch

When our deepest desire comes from our heart, and we ask for our Highest Options, we can use our passion to embody our future in a way that draws it to us. In our Heart Circles we connect with the Field, letting that support us, along with our fellow avatars, to clarify, illuminate, and create the life we wish to live.

Would you like….

A stronger connection to your life purpose?

A stronger intention in a particular direction?

More compassion for yourself and others?

More willingness to see and move beyond life defeating patterns?

A deeper sense of harmony with yourself and others?

More trust in the process?

More self-confidence?

More willingness to be in peace and joy?

More exciting new adventures?

We can call in anything we want. It’s what we do to make it real that matters, and we know how to make it real. Here’s how we do it. We…..

Clear our field of negative self-talk

Stop complaining

Move our energetic range to a higher state

Jettison habits that deaden our aliveness

Own our shadows

Move out of our comfort zone and take appropriate risks

Eliminate the habits that undermine our peace of mind

Consciously practice being conscious

See the blueprint we are creating every moment of our lives

Evaluate our support system, and that means, the company we keep

Trust life

The payoff is not what we have on the outer plane—those things come and go. Through time we accumulate experience, and create our history. Real transformation happens naturally as we gather the wisdom from our experiences, and clarify our direction, by clearly following our hearts guidance. We cultivate the quality of energy, of consciousness, of life—that we want to live.

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