The Power of Gratitude
Heart Intelligence Circle

Saturday, Nov. 12th, 10 am-6 pm

Includes delicious organic lunch, $108.

“With the myriad of possible calamities we take in daily, it takes a lot of gratitude to keep the heart open. If we don’t take a few moments to count our blessings each day, we may forget to remember why we’re here.”  

 – Tomas Heartfield


Through the mainstream media and other nefarious forces we are being invited to walk the plank towards all things scary and confusing. Nuclear war, chemical genocide, planetary warming, monetary collapse, energy shortages, world hunger. Every day these issues are on the table for our consideration. The demons of scarcity and retreat are keeping the human population gridlocked in fear and survival.   Will we survive these threats? The outcome is anyone’s guess. Powerful medicine is needed now, more than ever.

Super Charge Your Power Through a Collective Field

When we come together in a heart centered way, we create an interconnected field where we feel safe to open to our own feelings, and to each other. This builds our chi, our power, our confidence to be ourselves.

With an emphasis on gratitude, this next circle is going to give us direct connection to the energy of the heart.  The focus of the day will be on strengthening our resolve to expand the magnetic power of the heart and attract the quality of life we actually want.

The Takeaway

Joan and I see it as a frequency challenge.   A population with closed hearts is a prescription for disconnection and misery.  The path back to open-heartedness is still receiving travelers, and we are the ones who must walk it. Even though we live in a community of beings walking the path of the heart, we must go deeper into caring and staying connected, or our separate realities will weaken our collective hearts even further.

Feel more gratitude = receive more love. 

What if the quality of Gratitude you embody and express determines the amount of love you receive in your life? Does expressing appreciation daily really bring more ease, peace and joy to you?  Yes! And the only way you can prove this to yourself is to commit to a gratitude practice daily so that it becomes a habit. We’ve discovered a way to build this in, so it becomes fun and uplifting for others, as well as yourself.

We are going to show you how to hack the “feel good” hormones and understand how cultivating the feeling of gratitude opens us to receiving even more bounty of what we are grateful for.

Love, abundance, joy, peace, ease, and play: these are the energetic, magnetic emotions that humans are pretty flatline without. These feelings assist the flow of energy and accumulate positivity in our human bio-energetic system. They charge our magnetic field with feel good energy, and make our hormones happy too.

Come join us as power up our hearts, and get clear about what we want from our precious lives.

I have experienced so much joy and transformation in the open field of Heart Intelligence. I have seen and felt my life shift in miraculous ways. It’s the ultimate self-care, which in turn affected my partnerships, family and my community in positive ways. I cherish my days in this magical field with other heart-centered beings. This work has helped create lasting change in my “ordinary” life.

Kylie Cole