The Magic of Gratitude Heart Circle

Saturday, November 16, 2019
10am- 6pm

$100 – includes a delicious organic lunch in our beautiful home

Gratitude practice is a state of presence that anchors the heart in an open state.  It is felt and strengthened when we acknowledge something of value to us. Simple gratitude says yes, thank you.  I receive this fully.

However, if our horizontal “in” position is not fully open we cannot fully receive the goodness of life.
Likewise if our ability to express authentically what is alive in us, our expression will feel flat. It won’t land with another.

Gratitude practice is the fast-track for awakening your heart. An awakened heart awakens those around you. You walk into a room and your authentic presence lifts the energy and opens the way for joy.  Now that, is magic!

Gratitude is a conscious and gracious acknowledgment of all that sustains you.
It’s a bow to your blessings, great and small. 
Gratitude is confidence in life itself!

  • Gratitude is feeling and Loving What Is Now! It isn’t about loving every THING  It’s your ability to hold everything as it is. Right now.
  • The Bounty of the moment holds all possibilities now and always.
  • That is where real magic gets its power!

Magic is a change in attitude. Magic happens when you are willing to flow with everything, which means you are grateful for everything that comes to you, knowing everything is supporting you in coming into alignment with Divine Order. As you let the elixir of gratitude do its magic, your heart opens, and like the humble teacup, you hold what is poured in.

Let your cup be filled with the Magical, Playful, Juicy Gratitude—and share it with everyone you know!

What we appreciate grows, so when we expand our range of Gratitude—including being grateful for those things we might not normally think of to be thankful for, such as the challenges in our lives, we rocket boost ourselves into a powerful frequency where we are able to magically shift old habits and embody new creative possibilities.

As we see how our challenges encouraged our growth, we can release shame, blame and fear, and embrace our lives more fully. We deepen our capacity to receive love, acceptance and recognition. We love life more passionately in each and every moment.

The Magic of Gratitude Heart Intelligence practice helps you open your heart, expand your range, and discover what is holding you back from expressing your full potential. You move beyond your conditioning into what you really want for yourself, and in partnership. The work is accumulative. The more your practice, the better you get at discovering if you are making choices from conditioning, or making choices based on intuition, guidance and heart intelligence.

The focus for this event is on connection, and what we need to make the way we connect with others as deep, rich and potent as we can. Heart Intelligence brings a higher quality of Love and Intimacy into our life. We need one another to do this! We have reached the limit on how far we can grow as individuals. We are tribal creatures in our core, and we crave connection and acceptance. We want to be seen and heard. We want to feel safe to be authentically ourselves.

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