By Joan Heartfield, PhD

I am amazed and delighted each time I gaze into someone’s eyes. When I come with the willingness to see their deep self, I almost always see The Beloved gazing back at me. If I take the time to fully BE with that person, even for a short time, I feel connected to them on a Soul Level.

But it wasn’t always that way….

This level of Soul Connection is a craving I had all my life. As a kid, I remember listening to love songs, and wished I could find someone to make me feel the way the songs suggested I could feel. I thought I had to have “a beloved” in order to find it.

In my mid 20’s, I was sad and miserable, having just gone through a major break up. Dancing in a workshop one day to Stevie Wonder’s “You Are The Sunshine of My Life.” I found myself opposite a long mirror, staring at my sad face. I suddenly realized there was some part of me singing that song to that unhappy part of myself. The Beloved in me was clearly communicating! The tears of sadness turned into tears of joy as I felt an overwhelming love that I knew was cleverly disguised as me!

I still gaze into the mirror anytime I need a dose of my inner beloved. I look past my wrinkles and all that surface stuff, into my heart and soul. There I always find The Beloved, waiting to make a connection.

In the same way we can connect with The Beloved in our Self when we look for it, we can connect with The Beloved in others, when we choose to. Love is limitless, and our spiritual work is to expand into the greatest Beloved version of our Self that we want to invite forth. The practice of eye gazing with the intention to see The Beloved in one another is a way to invite this aspect of us more fully into our lives, and into the world.

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