The Art of Transformation

2017 was a year of challenges and transformation for the world.  Middle earth and all her occupants seemed to be awash with some kind of category 5 weirdness.  And, although it may sound strange, my own Gemini/Scorpio polarity, found me often entertained and even rolling in the aisles, or howling at the moon in response to some of the absurdities that we all witnessed.

I resisted the temptation to be offended when the White House and her cast of characters became ground zero for the “new adventures in weirdness”.  I am sure the need for self-medication amongst the population was enhanced significantly.  Perhaps it was no coincidence that more states legalized, or at least moved along the process of legalizing weed to stabilize the sanity of the residents.  With many of us having adrenalin spikes every time the news aired, who didn’t need some kind of support? Imagine having a president who actually uses the White House as a real-estate office and openly profits from it.  That must really piss off the other politicians who spend time and money disguising their shady operations. If the company you keep is any indication where this dark comedy is going, we should be giving away “medications” to all taxpaying citizens!

And then things got weirder as the Dotard and Rocket Man actually invaded my normally peaceful dreams one night.  I saw them sitting in a barber shop in Waikiki, trading hair stylist secrets. Kim says to Donald, “You know I could nuke this dump and you could rebuild it, solve the homeless problem and split the profits.” Donald scrunches up his impish face scratching his chin and replies, “My boys down at the NSA are creating a new currency called HUUUGE coin. Now’s the time to get in! You want in?”  Then we’ll talk nukes!

But I digress…

Transformation is a congruent theme because it’s something everyone is doing, consciously or unconsciously. Falling apart is necessary at times so that we can come together in a new way. We see it almost daily with our friends and clients. We’ve done it more than once ourselves (LOL).  Both are necessary for change to occur. It seems many of our clients  were “falling apart” earlier in the year, and the year finished with many clients consciously “coming together” by identifying shadows and using the reclaimed energy to transform.

I have been working more with young men and families. This has been an enjoyable evolution for me as I am now officially in myCapricorn elder phase of life!  Supporting young men in get getting their lives together is something that uses my coaching skills with Heart Intelligence as an integral piece, and touches me deeply. My great joy in this is watching someone I am working with transform by discovering how to own their ability to handle the stresses of life, find their purpose, and develop creative solutions to challenges, thereby enhancing the quality of their lives.

Our Heart Intelligence groups rocked this year!  Earl South showed up solidly with Ayurvedic lunches to fuel our circles!  We created new themes for these day-longs, and watched our community grow and mature. We are grateful to Christian Pankhurst for tuning us up on how to embrace real change, and create Heart Intelligence circles where everyone can work together and energetically do some amazing transformational work with each other.  A friend in Denmark remarked how impressed she was in seeing the photos of beautiful people with radiant smiles, every month for the last five years… in the middle of the Pacific ocean!There were so many blessings in the swirling images of the year. On a personal level, I deepened my self-love. I allowed myself to be celebrated in a new way at my Heart Intelligence birthday event on Dec 16. Wow! This was amazing! Since the room was full of seasoned circle veterans, I was comfortable in taking space around my PTSD from Viet Nam. I moved closer to healing a huge betrayal by some of the men in my squadron. I let myself be vulnerable with my brothers who supported my process, Jayanti, Earl, Frazer, Rick, Dave, and Balu.  I felt the bond that comes with opening my heart at a deeper level.  I did a challenging gestalt process that opened my heart wider and helped me release some trauma trapped in my power chakra.  Then I took in so much love from everyone. And the tears, they did flow! I had a chance to recognize the ways everyone in the circle had grown and the value they had brought to my life! Something deep inside has shifted for me, and my gratitude is immense for all who participated. There is nothing like people that know how to hold space in circle! The evening ended with the most delicious feast and dj dancing. Thank you everyone!

And…so much joy in seeing Naima and Jayanti down the wedding aisle as well as Kylie and Baluejia was over the top yum for us.  And Seeing Terrie Huber find her beloved and move to Seattle totally tickled our joy button.  Part of our personal transformation of 2017 was creating a stronger foundation. Joan and I let go of things we no longer use, and saw what needed to be improved. We cleaned and cleared our closets, drawers and cabinets. We built a carport and put in a new shed so we’d have room to organize tools, garden stuff, and storage. In the process, hurting my back when I stretched beyond what I felt was right for me, taught me not to do anything that I don’t feel 100% about. I have to be in integrity with myself in all areas, or what I do just doesn’t work.

On the health front, with the help of Jessica Quinn,  Joan and I committed to an Ayurvedic diet and lifestyle. Joan has transformed her relationship with food, spices, and cooking. From a reluctant cook, Joan became an enthusiastic chef, preparing daily gourmet meals. I once did most of the cooking, because frankly, my cooking was tastier. That has now shifted as Joan has mastered the art of delicious/nutritious food preparation. Ayurveda is much more than just recipes. It’s a lifestyle that incorporates specific practices and balances the whole being.

Things like: daily meditation, tongue scraping, oil pulling, neti use, breath practices and being mindful of the way(slowly) we eat are some of the daily ways we committed to proactively supporting our health and well being. We very quickly felt more grounded, balanced and centered.

We also started working out 3 times a week at the Fusion Fit gym, because at this “ageless” time of our lives, we realize the need for strength training.  My trainer Elijah, is also a physical therapist.  While he coaches me, I get to coach him and we have established a solid relationship of mutuality.

Joan and I took our first real vacation in years, and spent time in Europe. Part of it was under the night sky learning more about Shamanic Astrology. We saw how our transits clearly show the patterns we are currently dancing with. This has deepened our 30-year relationship with Daniel Giamario, along with learning more about astrology, which is seen as “the highest of the lower mysteries.”  We are finding this helpful in our personal lives and in working with our clients.

We also created a Romancing The Beloved Ceremony for the “healing of the genders” with Donny Regalmuto and Heather Salmon. The feedback we received from many of the eighty some participants was, “more, please!” We are looking at doing more community oriented events this coming year at the Temple of Peace. We feel new energy moving through, so stay tuned! We have so much we want to give to the younger generation, as well as to our friends and clients. We are grateful to be “in the love” with you all.

Joan continues to show up and reveal daily why I married her.  She will be offering more of her embodied wisdom in creative and juicy ways.  She is going through her own version of awakening and I am riding the rails daily with her. Her energy continues to rise to levels that at times makes me wonder if she has discovered some secret she hasn’t shared with me.  I mean, really, where does she come from?  I have known a lot of amazing beings in my life and I am still amazed that I married the most amazing one!  Even at the level of intimacy I share with her, she continues to zap me daily with her ever-present devotion to love and awakening.

If you got this far, please give us some feedback on what your needs are, and what you’d like to see us offer that could support both you personally, and our community!

Love and Magical Blessings,

Tomas and Joan

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