New Moon in Aquarius
The Art of Love In Action
Activating our Energy Centers

Saturday, Feb. 10th, 10 am-6 pm

A Heart Intelligence Circle

Includes delicious Ayurvedic lunch, $108

“This was the best day-long healing container I’ve been in so far!! I’m feeling grateful for the experience of being seen and loved. It was so healing and insightful. Thank you both for such a wonderful experience” ❤️ Dominique

When was the last time you spent a day receiving nurturing? Do you know for most people it is easier to give than to receive? Do you receive enough healthy, loving, respectful touch? Most people need a lot more than they get!

In the Chakra Blessing we learn how to respectfully share our love and healing energy with others, and how to ask for and receive exactly the quality of touch and energy that nurtures us the most.

In addition, we all need to be heard, and to hear honest, encouraging words. We need to feel supported and appreciated.  We need to spend quality time with other heart-centered souls.

As we expand our capacity to receive, we “juicify” what is real and alive inside of us. As we learn to “read” the energy of another person, we are able to give them what they need, rather than giving them what we might want.

We all have Universal, healthy needs, and the more we understand and receive what our body, mind, soul, and Spirit want, the better we feel, and the more energy we have for our lives, and for those around us.

We each feel nurtured in different ways, and we’ll spend this day experientially investigating what currently feeds us the most. We will “unpack” what we want in relationship with others. We will practice giving and receiving so that we can support each other most perfectly.

During this day you will explore what each of your energy centers need. You learn which energy centers feel open and clear, and which ones need some attention.

You will also find out how you might be blocking your “incoming channel” either from not knowing how to ask for what you want, and/or not feeling “worthy” of receiving.

This has implications for our lives, because if we are blocking supportive “incoming energy”, we may also block love, abundance, and all the good available to us.

This information and experience will help us understand how we can create more opportunities to “fill our tanks”, as we help those around us also fill theirs.

Looking forward to having you with us!

Tomas and Joan Heartfield, Ph.D.

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