The Art of Conscious Flirting: Playful Interactions in the Dance of Life
By Joan Heartfield. Ph.D.

In our natural, loving state, we are turned on by select individuals and by life in general. As we encounter others, we recognize that each person has a unique quality that enlivens us. Learning a safe, elegant way to play with this enlivening attraction is part of putting conscious flirting into action. Let’s face it; it’s fun to flirt, especially when it serves to enhance others and ourselves!

When we are not in a primary relationship, we can follow our own intuition in how we express the juiciness we feel with another. However, what are our options if we are in a primary relationship? How can we express our delight and appreciation of another in a way that is respectful—both of the person with whom we are enjoying sharing our playful sensual energy—and our partner? How can we cultivate this playful exchange with others in a way that respects them fully, and then take it home to the one we love?  What makes flirting comfortable, easy and fun?

Honesty and truth are essential to cultivating trust and openness within the context of a committed relationship as we navigate through the art of flirting. Knowing our partner is telling us the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth– as well as sharing our own truth– enables us to relax. Integrity with ourselves and with each other creates an atmosphere in which we can make agreements to heighten our emotional safety so that we can play fearlessly. In a partnership where we are committed to “flirt with integrity”, we can then relax into our more natural self and have fun. Flirting with integrity also allows us to feel safe as we watch our significant other playfully interact in ways that uplift and enchant those around them.

Conscious flirting is not a sexual come–on, nor is it manipulative. There is no agenda, no goal other than to playfully acknowledge and delight in one another’s innate nature with words, eyes, body language and respectful touch. Conscious flirting can be by fulfilling in and of itself and is deeply respectful of self and others. It is a safe way of interacting with our erotic innocence in a playful, nourishing way, and is a delightful way to honor the essence of another through acknowledging and appreciating another human being.

Flirting lights us up. It is liberating, invigorating and enriching. Conscious flirting is a way to keep the juice flowing in our lives, while freeing us from the dry way we have been conditioned to interact. Through the act of conscious flirting we have a way to “enlighten” people around us. It is energizing to see the delight on the face of another. Through accessing our inner glow as we skillfully exchange erotically innocent play, we become more beautiful and our immune system gets a boost. Conscious flirting is a form of positive reinforcement that promotes healthy social interaction.

There is an etiquette to conscious flirting that primarily is centered on our intention to be appropriate. Flirting romances the part of us that desires to be acknowledged through the conscious recognition of the dance of life meeting our visual awareness. Conscious flirting invites us to appreciate the beauty of the soul and spirit in another. If more of us knew how to flirt successfully, we would experience less sexual tension. The natural sexual energy we all embody would have a safe and easy way to express itself in our lives. When our sexual energy is blocked, it may express in sexual neurosis and inappropriate behaviors.

In its most transpersonal aspect we can explore who is actually doing the flirting? When we are in an awareness of The Oneness, our ‘small I’ steps aside and allow consciousness to flirt with itself. The way we see it, the name of this masterful game is to surprise, delight and love each other as perfectly as we can. We are no longer focused in the personal, but are now watching Radha and Krishna; Shiva and Shakti interacting in a timeless manner. We are dancing the dance of life in a way that enriches us personally through our cosmic awareness. As we conscientiously bring our loving juicy attention and positive spicy regard to each other, we help grow one another’s succulent aliveness, bright wit, and zesty intelligence. It’s fun to feel really alive, and what better way than to honor our natural flirtatious, playful, spiritual self?

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