Talking Hearts Training Graduates

These Graduates from our 9 month Talking Hearts Training fulfilled the requirements that included writing papers and learning the various practices. They received education and experience in Heart Intelligence, Compassionate Communication, Voice Dialogue, Gestalt, Family Dynamics, Psychodrama, Dr Stanislav Grof’s Holotropic Breathwork, and Sacred Sexuality practices.

Reach out to these practitioners directly if you would like to know more about their offerings.

Compassionate Communication - Chris and Laura

Chris Taylor

Chris grew up in Hawaii on a foundation of the Aloha Spirit. Seeing the goodness in the hearts of others and understanding that we must work together and support each other in a positive way. Chris blends experiences with emergent community building, non-profit organization leadership, authentic relational skills, tantra and flowstate consciousness. The unique mix of culture and communication provides a solid base of deep listening, relatability, care and guidance. After seeing a transformation in himself from traumatic life experiences, Chris understood the power of the Talking Hearts practices which calm the mind through active meditation, authentic relating and playfulness. He has a keen ability to teach in a fun and simple way that is enjoyable. Teaching with a deep sense of gratitude to be able to pass on what he learned from amazing and talented teachers.

Do you want to be guided towards more love and joy? Are there times you question which path to take and lose faith in your dreams? Reach out for a guiding session to help clarify direction in life and business, learn communication skills and reconnect to your inner wisdom.

Chris Taylor


Ashtara graduated from Talking Hearts Counseling program in June of 2021. Previous to this, she studied Internal Family Systems (IFS), Life as Art with Tamalpa Institute, and received her Bachelor of Arts in International Relations from James Madison MSU. She has extensive training in movement and rhythm studies such as Contact Improvisation, SoulMotion, and her 200 hr. Yoga Alliance certification. She takes an Embodied approach into all of her coaching and counseling sessions. When not serving clients or groups, she is working with the plants and making herbal balms and tinctures to further support the embodiment mission. Find out more at

David Moats

 David Moats graduated from Southwest Acupuncture College, in Boulder, Colorado, with a Master’s of Science in Oriental Medicine (MSOM). He believes success should be measured by the quality of a person’s life, their capacity to do meaningful, rewarding work, their ability to connect with others deeply, and the depth of their happiness. David provides kind, compassionate care, offering Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine services at Longevity Health Center in Wailuku. He has a passion for teaching mental health optimization techniques, utilizing his training as a Talking Hearts Certified Coach. Born in Newport Beach, California, David enjoys ecstatic dance, stand-up paddle boarding, biking, and surfing.  He adores spending time with his beloved partner and two young children. 
To book a session with David, please call 808-242-8844.
David Moats

I use what I learned from you as a resource to guide my patients all the time. Most importantly I use the teachings in every moment to improve the way I relate to myself.

David Moats