Spring Equinox: Connecting More Deeply
to Your Spiritual Life Purpose

Using Astrology and Heart Intelligence
For singles and couples

March 16, 2019 from 10 am-6 pm

$100 includes a delicious organic lunch

Our Sacred Purpose in the world gives us a way to engage our energies, and gives our soul a way to dance.

What is our Sacred Purpose? It usually involves bringing more love and consciousness to the world in some way. Our Sacred Purpose can be to raise a child, grow a garden, start a business, or clean houses. It’s not the nature of the work we do; it’s the energy we bring to whatever we do.

Our birth chart gives us a map of the energies that shape us, and gives us a blueprint for helping us see what we came here to be, and to do. This helps us feel into the gifts that we come with, and those gifts our soul wants us to develop.

Heart Intelligence shows us how to own what’s real and alive in the moment.  It helps us tune into our Heart and High Self so we can more ease-fully feel the guidance coming to us in each moment. 

Heart Intelligence works best in Circle energy, since the amplified field helps us feel more than we normally feel, that helps us tune in more deeply to our truth. The aphorism “it takes a tribe” is true here too.  We are not supposed to figure out this life by ourselves, or be alone in manifesting our spiritual purpose.

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