Using Heart Intelligence

April 20th, 10 am-6 pm
Includes delicious organic lunch, $108

“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light but by making the darkness conscious.”  –  Carl Yung

How good do we feel about ourselves? How much do we feel we deserve? If we have judgments about ourselves, if we don’t feel “good enough, smart enough, competent enough, whatever enough”, we will unconsciously sabotage ourselves so we don’t go “farther” than our critical self will allow.  We judge ourselves and stop ourselves before someone else can. Most of this is below our conscious mind—they are part of our “shadows.”

Where did these Shadows come from? They came from our honest desire to be accepted when we were young.

Where did we stop being ourselves? Emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually? Were we judged for being too exuberant? Too loud, too excited, maybe for having too much fun? Were we chastised for our budding sexual explorations? 

Were we judged and criticized and /or punished for showing fear, sadness, pain, anger, or frustration?

Being denigrated and ridiculed in these formative years is downright painful. So agonizing, in fact, that many of us have learned to compress ourselves into a version of us that we think will be acceptable to those around us. We learned this early on by watching our parents and caregivers, and seeing how they were with each other. We learned it in relationship to our family, teachers and peers, in how they reacted to us, and to those around us.

We learned strategies that bound our energy, so that we felt safe. So the first step is to discover where we repressed ourselves, and perhaps, learned to repress others. As we explore our fears and limiting beliefs, we find programs hidden in our subconscious that stop us from sharing our love, exuberance, creativity, and our hearts true desires. We hold back, afraid to be shamed, criticized, or made fun of. We want to feel accepted. This natural desire is the root of our fear, which points to our shadows.

In our Shadow Temple we will discover how we are controlled by these hidden influences that dim our light and stop us from living fully. We’ll claim the power that we have disowned and use it to deepen our self-respect, self-acceptance, and confidence. We’ll use it to energize our true aspirations.

We love this work! Register early as seating limited to 16.  Here you have the freedom to fully express your passion and use your creativity to live your full potential.



If you wish to join us for this next one let us know. R.S.V.P here and we will make it so! –and if there is someone you would like to share this with, please invite them!

Email Joan:, 808 280-9005 to hold your space.


The rewards of shadow work are profound. Shadow-work enables us to alter our self-sabotaging behavior so that we can achieve a more self-directed life.

Tomas Heartfield