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Considering bringing in some powerful support to gain clarity, inspiration or just plain honest feedback?  Sign up for a phone or Zoom coaching session with Joan or Tomas. Your life is about to get easier!

To book a session, fill out the from below with an overview of your issue and times you are available to Zoom or talk. We’ll clarify the final time with you and send you a PayPal link.

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Joan, I wanted you to know the very few sessions we had via phone and in person effectively empowered and supported me, and help me to empower and support countless children, parents, and educators, as well. When i recommend you to others, I let them know you are loving, skillful, intuitive, and that you get results.  I always qualify that with “don’t go there unless you want your life to change for the best”.

Dixie Dakos

“Tomas helped me see the beauty in my deep grief and own the sacredness of my tears.  He opened a portal for me that I dared not dream was there. For the first time in my life, I feel that I will be able to reclaim myself and own my womanhood and my power.”


Our office in Maui. We’ll be calling you from here. You can also come visit us for in person sessions or Healing Vacations Retreats.

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