Heart Intelligence Community Circles ~ Rediscover Your Radiance

Join us for a daylong Heart Intelligence Circle, held on the 3rd Saturday of every month from September-June.  We host a small group of no more than 16 people in this daylong intensive Heart Intelligence Circle.

Learn to love honestly, passionately and effectively. Confront and overcome ingrained programs  and patterns. It is not easy or quick, but it can be done. We’ve walked this path ourselves, and can support you in finding joy, passion and love. We use Heart Intelligence, sacred sexuality practices and compassionate communication skills.

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  • Understand and communicate your feelings and desires, the key to aliveness and growth.
  • Understand others, so you have the ability to resolve issues.
  • Become your own best friend. Dismantle learned hatred toward yourself. Heal emotional, physical and spiritual pain.
  • In relationship,work together as allies. Needs never conflict, only strategies conflict. Find a strategy that works for you both. Learn to appreciate your differences
  • Develop empathy for yourself, and for one another.
  • Evolve your sex life through Tantric and Taoist lovemaking techniques so you are excited with your intimate sharing. Enjoy the changing terrain of sexual loving.
  • Activate the quality of energy that you must have for love to flourish.
  • Increase your vitality and life force.

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“When the teachings of Tantra are activated with the heart, they become very powerful. Joan and Tomas excel in bringing a deep and mature love into Tantra. They are the real deal”

Kutira and Raphael

Oceanic Tantra Teachers

“Joan and Tomas are amazing. Their intuition, healing skills and expertise combined with their fabulous humor, grace and huge hearts created the most delightful and transformational session of my life!”


Businessman from Sweden

“You have no idea how helpful our conversations and your sage advice are to me. This has been both a difficult time but also a time of growth and change for me. Julie and I feel fortunate to have found you and Tomas. Our lives are better individually and together.”



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