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magnetic level gauge catalogue Used extensively throughout all process industries, Jogler gauges are fabricated to exact customer specifications in a maintenance free design. Rochester Gauges is a global organization with the expertise, resources and capabilities to solve any challenge related to liquid level measurement. The advanced non-intrusive design of the MagnaStar™ magnetic level gauge provides accurate level readings while protecting operators from high pressure and/or high temperature fluids. Magnetic level gauge KM26. Able to indicate the separation level between two liquids. 935DAG. The permanent magnet is contained by a support fixed on the backside of the indicator. Our Social Media . 1 High Pressure Valves - We manufacture high pressure valves, high pressure ball valves industrial control valves, pneumatic control valves, safety valves, level gauges, level instruments, sight glass, level switch & flow switch and flame arrestors & breather valves at teleflo instruments & controls. 7 111. The Magnetic Level Gauge operates on the principle of communicating vessels. . Hanging hole for easy storage. Originally designed as an alternative to sight and gauge glass devices, the MLI is now commonly used in both new construction and plant expansion. The quick operation of alarm contact warns you once the . Series 1200 Magnetic Liquid Level Gauge; Liquid Level Transmitters The model 8680 spiral gauge is equipped with a standard top reading fractional dial. 00030. Catalogue. Leather Tool Kits, Bags, Apron & Working Gloves. Enovation Controls is known for its Murphy gauges, and there's a good reason why. We stock a range of different styled level switches, from side mount, to floating, to vibrating fork and cable type switches, as well as other transmitters and gauges. A magnetic system built into the float transmits the liquid level, contact-free, to the externally mounted display. 57. Fluidyne have designed level gauges, indicators and valves with utmost care for getting the maximum economy accuracy and durability. They can be manufactured to an almost unlimited . Jogler, LLC is a Baton Rouge, Louisiana manufacturer of high quality liquid level gauges, sight flow indicators, magnetic level indicators and level controls. They're durable and dependable. The PIONEER Relay is particularly sensitive and simple indicator of internal faults in Oil immersed Transformers. Your level indicators and level gauge should have the same strength as your vessel to withstand the high pressures to which it is subjected and the corrosive characteristics of the fluid. details; Vector™ Magnetic level indicator. ABS construction. KM26 magnetic level gauges ABB's KM26 Magnetic Level Gauge provides custom engineered solutions to liquid level applications in industries such as oil and gas, refinery, chemical, petrochemical, power generation and many more. The 1100 Series Magnetic Level Indicator utilizes the new SOR vista TM technology (U. We continue to work to deliver the functionality, durability and high quality finish that have earned our products a best-in-class reputation, worldwide. . Hatfield and Company offers a wide variety of instrumentation and measurement technologies: Level, Flow for liquids & gases, Pressure, Temperature, and various analytical systems. Figure 3 Magnetic Level Gauge Principle Safety & Hazardous risk to the every equipment and everyone in the ecosystem! Magnetic Level Gauge: The Magnetic Level Gauge is used to preventive security against leakage, environmental safety, sure and trouble free application with chemically aggressive, pollutant, harmful or poisonous, inflammable or explosive, optically similar fluid interface. The level signal is either displayed directly on site or incorporated into a process control or management system. Small amplitude of motion assures consistency and long life. Using a patented float that offers the strongest magnetic field of any magnetic level indicator and an indicator fully isolated from the process, the Jerguson Magnicator II offers reliable level measurement and optimal performance life. Shop now to see why 1000s of customers have chosen us as their preferred provider. - Duale scale in °C and in °F available on request. Vertical-Mount Liquid-Level Gauges for Tanks For use with water, hydraulic fluid, and diesel, install these gauges through the top of your tank. Helix is precision made from an alloy of high magnetic permeability. tokyo keiso,flowmeter,variable area flowmeter,purge meter,ultrasonic flowmeter,magnetic flowmeter,magnetic flowmeter,mass flowmeter,vortex flowmeter,level meter,level . In this level gauge the float is connected to a magnetized counter weight moving in a sealed S. Pressure Gauges 6. When you receive the MAGNETEL gauge, remove it from its carton and make sure it is in good Magnetic-Base Long-Distance Leveling Lasers. to replace a resistive sensor. MAGNETIC FLOAT GAUGE SERIES HOW IT DOES MOTION agnetic Type Level Indicator is an instrument for indicating the fluid level. ITA Magnetic Level Gauge. Operating . A reliable and cost-effective option to measure the liquid level of a 55-gallon steel drum is installing one of the many tank level gauges from Grainger. 07 Microwave level meter. The 3-modular concept, standard range, industrial range, plastic range, special range, Ex proof level switches, accessories Measurement and Monitoring Solutions. Atlas™ magnetic level indicator. A float designed for liquid to be gauges is guided within a stilling well that rest on the process flange. Our products are developed and produced with the highest quality materials and technology to ensure consistent, reliable performance throughout the rated life of the equipment. Add to Cart. The P-300M is a PMA’d fuel level sensor designed by E. Senders, Sensors & Tubing Fuel Level, Pressure, RPM, Speed & Temperature Senders & Sensors, Mechanical Tubing and Accessories Fuel senders: our thick-film resistors deliver greater accuracy and will perform reliably for more than twenty million cycles. The KM26 Magnetic Level Gauge has proven itself for over 35 years to be a safe, reliable and maintenence free Full Description. Side / End / Angle Mounting MAGNETEL Magnetic Gas Level Indicator GrillPro® Part No. Indicator flags can be red–white, yellow–black, or fluorescent. Jerguson MGWR Magnicator II level gage provides an independent reading of the liquid level using a guided wave radar transmitter (GWR). Using a small magnetic target, they can provide accurate thickness measurements of nearly any non-magnetic material where a probe can be placed on one side and a target, like a steel ball, on the other. Magnetic Level Gauge: The Magnetic Level Gauge is used to preventive security against leakage, environmental safety, sure and trouble free application with chemically aggressive, pollutant, harmful or poisonous, inflammable or explosive, optically similar fluid interface. - Temperature gauge which records the temperature of the operating fluid in the tank. Simple and robust design with enhanced protection with metallic chamber. Bliss Anand Magnetic Level Gauges are highly accurate, low-maintenance alternatives to sight glasses and other outdated level indicators. Liquid Level Gauges (LLG) Provides a continuous indication of the liquid level inside of a transformer’s main tank, conservator tank or load tap changer compartment with integrated switches that allows limit and alarm functions. Liquid Level Gauges The Norriseal Series 1200 Magnetic Gauge is an accurate, low-maintenance alternative to sight glasses. Sunday CLOSED +91-22-24454387 Magnetic couplings The magnetic couplings of the MINEX range are permanent-magnetic couplings transmitting the torque without contact through magnetic forces between two magnetic rotors. This Digital Angle Gauge and Level can measure or set angles, check relative angles with zero calibration feature, or can be used as a digital level. With Emerson, the solution is available from one source. VDO N02-240-904Waste water level sensor - Thread G 1 1/4Tank depth: 600 mm to 1200 mmSensor system: CapacitiveOutput empty-full: 4 - 20 mARetail package 1 Black water sensor. … . Closed top, flanged bottom with side process connections Magnetic level gauges provide perfect visibility and a continuous indication of the level of the medium. Fluid level gauges FSA are units which are used for checking and monitoring a operating fluid level. Magnetic Level Gauges . $49. Since 1975, JME has been a trusted distributor of petroleum equipment, loading systems, sanitary supplies, fire safety products, and industrial parts. All gauges have faces with 02 Torque tube type level gauges. L. magnetic liquid level gauges, level transmitters, magnetic switches, mass, density, and flow instruments for the chemical, industrial, and petrochemical industry. The robust design is ideal for high-temperature, high-pressure and corrosive applications. The ITA level indicators offers a reliable, accident-free and maintenance-free usage through a simple and break-resistant construction at a maximum process pressure of 320 bar and a temperature range from -50 °C through 400 °C. Aug 31, 2012 · Product Overview. MGT-6000 requires no field calibration, unlike radar level transmitter. Liquid Level Gauges. Write a review. Easy to install and virtually eliminates the need for extra piping. TLR7500〔80GHz〕 PDF. SPDT latching reeds switches can be clamped along the side to send alarms or control the level. SOR Magnetic Level Gauges are designed to ASME standards. Magnetic level gauges may also be designed to accommodate severe environmental conditions up to 210 bars at 370 °C. The WIKA Magnetic Level Indicator is suitable for a variety of applications. MAGNETIC LEVEL GAUGE NA7-45 With flanged ends or with cone 11IG-1 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Magnetic level gauge is indirect level gauge. 2. It can be widely used on JMG-series gauges and can also be retrofitted to other competitor’s level gauges. This is the visual means of liquid level indication for the KENCO Magna-Site. As the magnetic float rises and falls with the liquid level in the gauge housing chamber, a magnet embedded in each flag reacts to . Atlas™ Magnetic Level Indicator DESCRIPTION Magnetically coupled liquid level indicators, or MLIs, are in widespread use throughout process industries. Catalogue Download No. ENCO MAGNETIC LIQUID LEVEL GAUGE. Compared to the common Site Glass Gauge, the WMI Indicator provides better visibility of actual tank levels, requires virtually no maintenance, and increases the safety of any level gauge application. 05 Magnetostrictive Level Meter. • Offset valves permit cleaning of gauge glass & its removal on line • Wide choice of MOC • PTFE lined gauge for corrosive liquids packings. There are twelve basic configuration styles, including top mount models. Warranties: 1 Year (Indicator), 5 Years (Chamber) Request a Quote. (82) $19900. Materials : stainless steel, special alloys, titanium, plastics. Changes color scale as gas level changes. Differential Pressure Regulating Valve. For critical area applications or general purpose control you need to trust that your level switches won’t let you down. FS. Rochester Gauges 8640 Series 1 1/2 in. The magnetic level gauge works based on some elementary physical principles: gauges are supplied packed in a cardboard box with a sticker indicating the model, the main dimensions (stem and float) of the gauge, the mounting position, the tank dimensions for which the gauge has been manufactured and the product intended to be gauged. Pocket Size Digital Level with Electronic Angle Gauge Protractor Angle Finder Bevel Gauge 0. Front View Magnetic Level Gauges & Level Transmitters 8 6 1 3 5 2 11 4 7 12 9 10 TOP MOUNTED MAGNETIC LEVEL INDICATOR LIQUID VESSEL INLET www. DESCRIPTION: The KENCO Magna-Site™ is a magnetic liquid level indicator used to determine the volume of liquid contained within a vessel. Level Gauge. FW-100. Our glassless magnetic liquid level gauges are easy to install. JC703 Coax Guided Wave Level Transmitter; JC805 26G Radar Level Transmitter with PTFE; JC806 26G Non-contact Radar Level Transmitter; JC808 Solid 26 G Radar Level Transmitter; Magnetic Level Gauge Menu Toggle. Jogler is a manufacturer of process control instrumentation specializing in level control devices: site flow indicators, sight glass level indicators, magnetic level gauges, magnetostrictive transmitters, laser level transmitters and specific gravity analyzers. SBG-1/2/3. Magnetic Level Gauge - Flag Type Model 048 Mini - is an economical gauge with an 1-1/4" diameter tubing. Lengths to suit magnetic level gauge Stainless Steel headshell option For enquiry information: Refer to Separate Order Form Magnetic Level Gauge 07/03/1 Trouvay & Cauvin Valves and Steam Division Broadgate, Broadway Business Park, Chadderton, Oldham, Lancashire OL9 9XA. LT-321. The float is equipped with a system of permanent magnets to transmit level of liquid to the local indicator. Clark-Reliance® provides customer solutions in over 120 countries in the power generation, refining, gas processing and chemical industries. Mobrey float and Displacer level switches are rugged, robust, and trusted globally for their long-term reliability in the harshest of environments and the most hazardous areas. Solar Street Lights. The fl oat arm is connected to the gearing of the gauge which in turn is magnetically connected to the display dial which is also connected with a switch. Ranges: Made to order. As Low As: $122. Manufacturer of Pressure Switches, Valves, Temperature switches, Pressure Transducers, Electronic Pressure and Temperature Switches and Level Control Products New Jogler Level Product Catalog. Each component of the JMG (chamber, float, and indicator) has been engineered to improve on existing designs to ensure reliable, maintenance-free operation right out of the . With over 350,000 installations worldwide, our KM26 magnetic level gauge (MLG) has provided custom engineered solutions to liquid level applications in industries such as: oil and gas, refinery, chemical, petrochemical, power generation and many more. 72. TIAN MIN Catalogue RUEGER Pressure Gauge, RUEGER Instrument Valve, Ashcroft Pressure Switch, RUEGER Chart Recorder, RUEGER Temperature Gauge, RUEGER Temperature Sensor, PR Temperature Transmitter, Besta Level Switch, DIESSE Glass Gauges, Kuebler Magnetic Level Gauge, TIAN MIN Magnetic Level Gauge, YAMARI, etc. Magnetic Level Indicators. These lasers are also known as torpedo levels. 3. Designed to mount flush against the outside surface of liquid storage vessels, these gauges are used for applications such as tanks, reservoirs, packaged hydraulic equipment, steel mill pumps, and hydraulic presses. general-gauges. Sourcing the right level equipment is complicated enough without having to go from supplier to supplier to obtain a complete, redundant package for your . They work from −320°F to 1,000°F (−195°C to 537°C), from full vacuum to 5,000 psi (344 bar), and for specific gravities as low as 0. The magnetic level gauge works based on some elementary physical principles: MAGNETIC OIL LEVEL GAUGE (MOG) The PIONEER Gas & Oil Relay is a nearly ideals protective device for protection of oil immersed Transformers. Questtec Solutions is a young company with a long lineage of quality, experience and care. LEVEL GAUGES adminsmdev 2020-04-09T11:24:41+02:00. The Atlas TM is our standard, high performance magnetic level indicator. Ametek/BW Controls. The indicator indicates fluid level by means of magnetic force of the magnet installed inside the float. When the level drops below a set level, the switch will close and provide contacts for an alarm to be activated. 56 >> 8. Level Measurement Controls and Systems. Enhance your storage or tank system with tank level gauges, level sensors, gauge sticks, pressure gauges, remote tank gauges, & more. Σελίδα Τιμοκαταλόγου - Pricelist page: G. Shop In-Stock Products. The boiler level is transmitted analogously 1:1 to the indicating ledge via the float. PDF. Optional SCADA 4-20mA output Magnetic Oil Level Gauge (MOLG) with/without Contacts, Radial Movement Float to EN -IEC standard gauges are supplied packed in a cardboard box with a sticker indicating the model, the main dimensions (stem and float) of the gauge, the mounting position, the tank dimensions for which the gauge has been manufactured and the product intended to be gauged. As Low As: $31. co. Diaphragm Strain Gauges provide a full bridge for convenient installation, different diameters, for fitting the intended diaphragm size, are available. pipe & which drives a follower magnetized bi - colour capsule inside a glass tube to indicate liquid level. Readings can be taken either locally on a display or remotely. 06 MAG GAUGE ® level gauges. They are designed for top mounting in tanks and are UL listed for flammable liquids. Digi-Pas 4 in. FM MAG GAUGE ® PDF. Reflex Liquid Level Gauges use the R-form sight glasses. MAGNETIC LEVEL GAUGE. Since 1920, we’ve been focused on providing our customers with the best possible instrumentation. Use as a stand-alone WR300 Type 2 Angle Gauge. Stewart Warner Deluxe, Greenline, PowerSeries, and our iconic Wings gauges are often considered as the benchmark in muscle cars, street rods and hotrods. As the float follows the changing liquid level, the indicator changes position to reflect that level based on the magnetic coupling action. Top Mounting Magnetic Liquid Level Tank Gauge w/ Senior TwinSite Dial - Range: 0-90 Ohm - Fits 12 3/4 in. Rating : ASME Class 150 to 2500 (from PN 10 to PN 420) Also with immersed float or ground-floor reading. Operating pressure: Maximum pressure: 4. Reflex Level Gauge; Transparent Level . View the gauge readings on your device or hear them spoken. Hydrological Level Gauge. Magnetic Oil Level Gauge (MOLG) for Conventional/Aircel type conservators with 4”, 6” and 10” dials. A+ Corporation. Scale in °C. Red lasers are dimmer than green lasers, so they’re best viewed indoors. 03 Displacer type level meters. Our magnetic level gauges are manufactured with the C to C and Visible Length requested by customers, up to approx 6,500 mm for level gauges having a stainless steel vertical chamber and up to approx 3,500 mm for level gauges having a vertical chamber in synthetic polymers. Guided wave radar and magnetic level indicator in combination for redundant level measurements. Many configurations of tank attachments are available. in 17 . I nostri indicatori sono tutti certificati ISO 9001 sottoposti ai più rigidi controlli secondo le norme ASME/EN. In continuous level measurement, the level of a medium in a tank or silo is detected with the help of different measuring methods and converted into an electronic signal. It has a magnetic float inside of the Non-Magnetic Chamber and an indicator outside of it. Side / End / Angle Mounting MAGNETEL JC703 Coax Guided Wave Level Transmitter; JC805 26G Radar Level Transmitter with PTFE; JC806 26G Non-contact Radar Level Transmitter; JC808 Solid 26 G Radar Level Transmitter; Magnetic Level Gauge Menu Toggle. Magnetically coupled flags flip as the level rises or falls giving a relatively safe indication of level. The P-300M works off magnetics and is a much more accurate and reliable sensor. A magnetic level gauge includes a “floatable” device that can float both in high and low density fluids. Madison Designs Solutions. Telephone: +44 (0)161 684 7488. Gauges are available for all tanks and any mounting position. General In for ma tion & Features These gauges are built to the highest standards of man u fac tur ing and thor ough ly field tested. The new model WR300BT is the same best-selling WR300 Type 2 but with Bluetooth to communicate with your smartphone. These gauges have a prism glass window that uses the basic optical principles of light refraction & reflection to enhance the . Strong magnetic base to attaches to conduit, pipes, saw blades, vents, ducts . Our heavy-duty Electrical Gauges are based on proprietary Magna-Torque air-core movement and compatible with . If the fluid level in your equipment is critical to its operation or output, you need a company with more than 50 years of expertise in liquid level sensing design. The Magnicator GWR will provide an accurate reading, even if the magnetic float mechanism fails. The KUEBLER Magnetic Level Gauge Please wait. Large Oil Level Indicators. Pressure Gauge Accessories 177 Standard Dial Layouts 182 Conversion Chart 184 Cross reference Chart IBC 2 Chemical Compatibility Table 3 Advantages of Liquid-filled Gauges 4 WIKA Type Numbers 5 Ordering Guidelines for . Automatic Control Valve. This instrument is composed of a disc indicator (or a red pointer) behind a dial frame and a float linked to said indicator by means of a magnetic field of force. application. The fluid level is indicated directly with a separation of the measurement and indication . Customer-specific special designs complete our offering. Hall Effect thickness gauges, like the Olympus Magna-Mike™ 8600, use a sensor that responds to changes in a magnetic field by varying a voltage. They're highly accurate and long-lasting. We will email you or notify you when it’s ready. 00. 04 Magnet float type level transmitters. Klinger Water Level Gauges and Spares available in a range of sizes and configurations. This is particularly using for High pressure OR High Temperature OR Toxic Liquid Storage Tanks. e. The body of chamber is connected adjacent to the tank so that the same conditions of liquid level are obtained in the chamber as those in the tank. 35. LEVEL GAUGES WITH MAGNETIC JOINT TYPE L 80 - L 100 These indicators are of very reliable construction, at the same time particularly simple, and cheap. Magnetic Float Gauges. Magnetic level gauges are extremely durable and can be used in applications that would break or destroy glass gauges. Klinger Italy offers reliable magnetic level gauges, which are particularly suitable for duties involving dangerous and toxic liquids and gases, and where some of the following features/benefits/options are required: Immediate and precise response to level changes, ensuring clear and sharp readability. Magnetic level indicators. details; Aurora® Magnetic level indicator with guided wave radar. Anyone Can Build Products. The indicator gives you an easy to see level indication that is visible up to 100 ft (30 m) away. 8. Their robust design is ideal for high temperatures, high pressures and corrosive services. required more complete. Magnetic Level Gauge operates on the principle of communicating vessels. Level switches, float switches, level gauges, level transducers, level indicators and level transmitters Temperature switches, temperature gauges and temperature transmitters Accessories, including magnetic filters, needle valves, regulating valves, control devices and relays DATCON Heavy-Duty Industrial Gauges The Precise Measure of Performance DATCON gauges by maximatecc are designed for “severe-duty” off-highway, industrial, and specialty vehicles used in the most environmentally, mechanically, and electronically challenging applications possible. JC56L Stainless Steel Magnetic Level Gauge; JC-56L PVC Magnetic Level Gauge; Ultrasonic Level Transmitter Menu Toggle. They can be used underground with a maximum working temperature and pressure range of 4000C and 220 bar. When you receive the MAGNETEL gauge, remove it from its carton and make sure it is in good This magnetic liquid-level gauge is especially de signed for use in NH3 with chemical ad di tives. Orifice Plate & Flanges. Dual Parallel Strain Gauges strain gauges have two measuring grids arranged parallel to each other. If the level gauge has intercepting valves or accessories fitted by Cesare Bonetti, this manual must be used together with the spe-cific intercepting valve type or accessories manual. Upper liquid & specific gravity b. MECHANICAL PRESSURE Commercial Gauges. Johnson's Glo-View ®, patented, Glow-in-the-dark level technology makes spirit level vials visible below cabinets, above drop ceilings, and in the early morning before jobsite power is turned on. World leader in level, positioning, asset monitoring and flow measurement technology, providing cutting-edge equipment and complete solutions to the global industrial market. Add To Cart. Oct 30, 2018 · Model WMI magnetic level indicators are highly adaptable. All 8600 Series spiral gauges have a 1 1⁄2" MNPT tank connection and are suitable for tank pressures up to 25 psig maximum. Typical applications include measurements on bending beams. Gli indicatori di livello possono essere di svariati tipi a seconda della funzione che andranno a . Description. Gauges. Using the expertise we’ve gained in developing solutions for many of the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers, we offer a large portfolio of pressure and temperature sensors. KUEBLER Magnetic Level Gauge Please wait. The VEGAMAG 82 series combination magnetic level indicator and Bypass bridle chamber provides the benefits of both visual indication and process control by using the proven technology of the VEGAFLEX to provide the most complete visual and guided microwave radar package in the industry. 0035 of the notified body. Magnetic Level Gauges. Standard lengths include up to 20’. com MAGNETIC LEVEL GAUGE NA7-45 With flanged ends or with cone 11IG-1 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Magnetic level gauge is indirect level gauge. Patent #14/638,990) which features a 200 degree viewing angle and 250 foot forward viewing distance. 0 PRODUCT DESCRIPTION A magnetic level gauge is an instrument suitable to give the accurate level reading of a fluid contained in a vessel. The KM26 MLG has proven itself to be a safe, reliable, maintenance . Bilge Level Switches. Magnetic level gauge to be used for a. Please share this page. For precise measurement of water, hydraulic fluid, or diesel fuel level, this gauge provides level readings down to 1/8". Magnetic Level Gauges Operation instruction manual OI/KM26-EN Rev. 02 Torque tube type level gauges. The assembly is made up of a series of bicolored, fluorescent flags. FP-7100. They provide redundant, non-invasive level indication while eliminating leak points and fugitive emissions. Pandurang Naik Marg, Mahim, Mumbai Mon - Sat 8. Safety Valve. Pressure senders: our thick film pressure senders will last up to five times longer than senders with wire-wound resistors. The Attached to the gauge housing chamber is the magnetic flag assembly. General Instruments Consortium - 194/195, Gopi Tank Road, Off. J. Longer C to C distances are manufactured with an intermediate flanged . KSR-KUEBLER-Magnetic-Level-Gauge LEVEL GAUGES WITH MAGNETIC JOINT TYPE L 80 - L 100 These indicators are of very reliable construction, at the same time particularly simple, and cheap. Cat’s eye green level vials are easier to see in any light. Mounted in jeweled bearings, it turns freely, following the magnetic field to move the pointer across the scale. The body is made of corrosion-proof aluminium alloy, free from porosities. Liquid Level Gauge provides direct observation of liquid level in a tank/vessel rising and falling level of the liquid inside the tank/vessel can be observed through the glass assembled in the gauge. The VEGAMAG 82 can be configured to mount to most standard . 55 << 8. Cost-effective version of magnetic level indicator. quotation for Magnetic level gauges. WIKA has a comprehensive range of level measuring instruments available for temperatures up to 450 °C, densities from 400 kg/m³ and pressure ranges up to 500 bar. The gauge is mounted parallel to tank so as to form a close loop, causing tank liquid to seek its level in the gauge. Our site includes our . KSR-KUEBLER-Magnetic-Level-Gauge Magnetic Level Gauge operates on the principle of communicating vessels. We provide numerous technologies to measure level based on your specific needs. Mark a dot up to 500 feet across your plant for long-range applications such as laying out conveyors and positioning ventilation systems. 00 - 18. Control the gauge from your smartphone. Magnetic Level Gauges Series MAG Suitable for any fluid, up to most severe operating condition. This convenient magnetic torpedo level helps you ensure surfaces are level and angles are exact for a variety of projects. We are working on this category Catalogue, If you want to to get Notification of New Product Catalogue then fill below form. Transparent Type Liquid Level Gauges. Compare. , a define used to measure the level of fluids. The scales can be indicated as imperial units (feet/inches), metric units . High visibility reverse contrast display improves visibility in dimly lit work environments. Level. Magnetic Level Gauge A magnetic level gauge involves the use of a permanent magnet sealed inside a closed float whose rise and fall causes the rotation of bi-coloured magnetic rollers or flappers. LEVEL INSTRUMENTATION. Tools to suit are also available. The development and engineering of the liquid level gauge and valve product lines began more than forty years ago. Solar Generator Plug and Play. The Magtech Magnetic Level Indicator is a low-maintenance alternative to sight glasses and other level indicators. 2012 Introduction With over 350,000 installations worldwide, the KM26 Magnetic Level Gauge has provided custom engineered solutions to liquid level applications in industries such as: oil and gas, refinery, chemical, petrochemical, power generation and many more. Magnetic Gas Level Indicator GrillPro® Part No. Fax: +44 (0)161 684 7487. Magnetic Level Gauge JMG Magnetic Level Gauges are a safe, economical way to measure and control level through a wide range of process pressures, temperatures, and fluids. Remote Ultrasonic . In this are fitted, at 10 mm intervals, red/white plastic rollers or stainless steel flaps with bar magnets. With over 200,000 installations worldwide, the KM26 Magnetic Level Gauge has provided custom engineered solutions to liquid level applications in industries such as: Oil and Gas, Refinery, Chemical, Petrochemical, Power Generation and many more. Senders and Sensors. MAGNET FLOAT TYPE LEVEL GAUGE INTRODUCTION In nowadays, the securi ty and environment preseva t ion are the most important topics For this reason, the ins truments of level cage also have been in the chemical indus try. PV Modules. S. One side surface of Reflex Glass to use flat glass has several grooves for reflecting prism. Based on buoyance principle,the magnetic ball in the body of the level gauge is up or down with the liquid level changing and makes dual-colored turning to show the level of medium. Magnetic level gauge designed for processes with high temperatures and pressures. Model# MLDIG24. Other lengths are available if a higher level gauge is required. Chemtrols manufactures Magnetic Level Gauges for use in various industries. The fl oat arm of the Magnetic Oil gauge will rise and fall with the oil level. generalinstruments. 11 1½", 2", 2½" 9 Magnetic Vertical Level Switches. Benefits of Magnetic Level Gauges. FGY1000. 10SP - Fire Sprinkler 4" 8 111. The model 8680 spiral gauge is equipped with a standard top reading fractional dial. Star’s weld-on and magnetic level gauges provide safe and accurate sight indication of fluid levels in a tank, process vessel or boiler. KLINGER ITALY studia, sviluppa e produce indicatori di livello per tutto il mondo. Magnetic Level Gauge follows in the level of fluid inside a tank or chamber. Rotary Paddle Level Switches. Much like its glass counterparts, magnetic liquid level gauges are designed to aid in direct, real-time, on-the-spot liquid level monitoring in tanks, pressure vessels, reservoirs, and pipelines in industries such as energy and chemical manufacturing. Tank Depth. Magnetic coupling exists between the float and the indicator. The simple concept of the magnetic level gauge allows for flexible design to adapt to a variety of installation requirements. Suitable for tall and overhead tanks of non pressurised and non hazardous Chemical storage tanks. 00 ( 20 %) Limit 5 per order. Unlike many companies today, we manufacture our sensors in our own ISO and TSO registered facilities, using the same quality materials . Magnetic-Base Long-Distance Leveling Lasers. Welcome to the VDO catalog for auto enthusiast gauges and accessories. Click for details. 08 . Whether you are measuring various fuels, gases, chemicals, water, wastewater, food-grade liquids or pharmaceuticals . HAWK’s measurement and monitoring products are expertly designed with customer satisfaction as our main priority. They have updated their catalog for 2019. We just make them solid and reliable every time. Lower liquid & specific gravity 3. This is availableinthreemodels. Magtech™ Magnetic Level Indicator. Because the Magna-Site™ eliminates the need for glass, high pressure applications and hazardous locations are protected from the danger of a chemical spill due to glass . REDSTICK Digital Box Level with Pin-Point Measurement Technology. Continuous level measurement with level sensors. KNOW ALL THE FLOW & LEVEL MEASUREMENT INSTRUMENTS THAT WE MANUFACTURE. It provides non-invasive level indication while reducing leak points and fugitive emissions. Tubular Type Liquid Level Gauges. Additional products continue to be developed. The WMI Series Magnetic Level Indicator can be built economi-cally for simple atmospheric pressure applications all the way to 5000+ PSI. Required Information 1. We carry a full line of magnetic level gauges and magnetic level indicators, steam level indicators, and liquid level indicators. Magnicator level indicators can be used in a variety of applications including acid tanks . Smart Angle Gauge with Bluetooth and Audio Output. 5", or 3" chamber diameter, as required by the application. Magnetic level gauges provide perfect visibility and a continuous indication of the level of the medium. Calibrated range spring is flat spring steel. It's ideal for applications with changing densities, like feedwater heaters, steam drums, and condensate tanks. Temperatures range from Cryogenic to 540 °C / 1000 °F. May it be Oil and Gas, Refineries, Chemical and Petro-chemicals, Fertilizer or Utilities, we have comprehensive and application specific solutions for measurement. gauges shown in Table 1. com Digital intelligent high precision high pressure liquid level gauge is made up of measuring body,dual-colored display cylinder, ruler, top&low flange,magnetic ball and transmitter (4-20mA). Genie, Tornado, Avenger, Air/Gas Filters, Gas Sampling, Moisture Packets, and Separators. These gauges are capable of inter-phase level detection, even in highly toxic or corrosive mediums. It is not affected by vibration, corrosion, wear, varnish build up, poor wiper tension or any of the many other problems affecting resistive sensors. The float, connected to a stem that a magnet at the upper end moving in a chamber. Catalog 48-160 Page 8 Westinghouse • Accessories: • Standard Devices: Westinghouse has a group of stand­ ard devices which include; a magnetic liquid level gauge, a dial type ther­ mometer, a pressure vacuum gauge, and a mechanical pressure relief device, with alarm contacts furnished when requested. Level b. By-pass magnetic level gauges LT series. Magnetic level indicator Atlas™. com A COMPLETE LEVEL SOLUTION. Rochester Gauge Senior Direct-Reading Fractional Dial for 6500/8600 Series Fixed Length Gauge. - Visual thermometer with °C and °F in scale. The model BMD magnetic displays are used in combination with bypass level indicators for the display of levels. For over 30 years, HAWK has successfully solved a wide-range of level and flow measurement applications, in even the most difficult and harsh environments. FSA: - Range of five sizes. Centre Tank Services are a leading supplier of drum and fuel tank gauges. The standard type MINEX-S with containment shroud and magnets positioned radially ensures hermetic separation of driving and driven side in pumps and agitators. FST4000. KSR Magnetic Level Indicators / Gauges Description 4 Type code 5 KSR Magnetic Level Indicators / Gauges Mini design 6 PN6 - PN40 7 PN64 / PN100 8 PN160 / PN250 9 PN400 10 Heating jacket design 11 Liquid gas design 12 E-CTFE-coated 13 E-TFE-coated 14 PTFE-lined 15 PVDF, PP, PVC 16 KSR Bypass Floats PVDF, PP, PVC 17 Stainless steel or Titanium 18 . $249. Designed to visually display the contents of a tank, a fuel tank level gauge is a must have piece of equipment on a storage tank to provide the owner with information on how much fuel is left in their tank, and consequently when they need to order more. Product Brochure "Leveltrol" Top Mounted Level Indicator Gauge is mounted on top of the tank by a suitable process connection preferably 150 mm NB flange. Home - Magnetic International EN L. With HART transmitter mounted on a 900# application gauge at CCD of 4000 mm with magnetostrictive principle for chemical plant application. TLR7400〔24GHz〕 PDF. FLUID LEVEL GAUGE. The product corresponds to the PED directive 97/23/ EEC and has the CE mark no. ‘C’ channels/ tie rods are provided to protect gauge from accidental blows. The magnetic oil level gauges serve the purpose of visually indicating the oil level in a tank or in a conservator of oil filled transformers. I. Solar Utility Products. Highly visible monitoring of oil level used on oil filled transformers, load tap . The document (flyer/catalog) will be displayed after the page loading is complete. Key acquisitions over the last few decades have solidified Clark-Reliance as an industry leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of level indication & control and filtration & separation products and services. It reacts to pressure on diaphragm. The level includes a hanging hole for easy storage. Apr 10, 2019 · A magnetic level gauge is a type of level sensor, i. The features setting Johnson Level ahead of the competition are many. In order to meet this need, we have developed MG Type Magnetic Level Indicator since 1955. The float is situated inside the chamber of the instrument in contact with the process medium and is not able to be viewed from the outside. FLOWTECH Instrument offers IBR Reflex Level Gauge for the Measurement of liquid level at a glance in tank. Save $50. A whole array of level instrumentation products to assist in the measurement and control of almost any liquid, light powder, sludge or slurries. E 04. The Indicator is See full list on magnetrol. The SOR ® 1100 series magnetic level indicator leverages decades of experience building pressure vessels and pairs it with an industry leading indicator design to provide clear and reliable indication of any process liquid. Solar. Service liquid, please specify a. Flow Elements. 9. Float & Board Type Level Indicator. A liquid level indicator prevents overfilling, reduces waste and helps you control dispensing flow speeds when drums are placed in either a horizontal or vertical position. 99 Free Shipping. Products. The depth and breadth of… New Jogler Level Product Catalog. Sight Level Gauges. Use the following configuration guide to select the model number. Technical Tips and Applications 16/09/2019. 2 vials – horizontal and vertical. Unique . Magnetic level indicator with guided wave radar in a single chamber design. Standard Magnetic Level Gauge; Switches; Reedchain Transmitter; Magnetostrictive Level Transmitter; LevelSure Gauge - (Combined Magnetic Level Gauge with Guided Wave Radar) Special Applications; LevelSure Gauge; Instrument Chambers; Remote Display System; Klinger Process Level Gauges. 0-400 Degree C. Milwaukee 24 in. 04. Πλευρικής / Τερματικής / Γωνιακής Τοποθέτησης MAGNETEL. Automotive Gauges Gauges, Speedometers & Tachometers Stewart Warner is a leading manufacturer of Gauges, Sensors, Senders, and accessories supporting the automotive aftermarket for classic and antique cars. details; Gemini . Level Transmitter For Magnetic Level Gauges The MGT-6000 series liquid level transmitter is exclusively designed for magnetic level gauges. The ATLAS is a single-chamber design, with either 2", 2. Attached to the gauge housing chamber is the magnetic flag assembly. Fluid level and temperature of liquids in reservoirs can be checked instantly with Gits column view gauges. 21 . We didn't make them so popular – our customers did. Gauges & Alarms Keep your storage or fuel tanks safe from overflow with oil and fuel tank gauges, alarms, & systems. Interface 2. magnetic level gauge catalogue