Presence, Power and Polarity – Heart Circle Playshop

February 15th, 10 am – 6 pm

Delicious lunch served !
$100 Whole Day!

“The sacred space Joan and Tomas create is strong and real!
It provides the safety and support to own your hidden shadows,
and embody the gift of divine joy” Terri Huber


Practice owning what is real and good enough to be true within you!
Practice opening to more depth and flow in all relationships.
Shine your love-light in all its colors with sacred dance, improvisational play and ceremony!
Maui’s original “Love Muffins” Joan and Tomas have been teaching relationship mastery Internationally for many years. Their work has helped thousands around the world to become better lovers.
They love holding space for small intimate circles to explore the vulnerable and tender growth of love. Their relationship is a model for many who find more depth and connection through daily practice of opening to the mystery of love.
Spend a day with two masters of love who have helped thousands become better lovers. Experience the live energy of an activated circle. You will be invited to show up in your true self and connect with people who are also investigating what is good enough to be true within themselves.
Most people report they feel more energy moving inside themselves to take out into their life. Indeed, a well facilitated Heart circle will help you expand your self-concept and help you to feel more joy!
Learning how to become Heart Intelligent will open more options for real love and connection in all areas of your life!
We’re grateful for the positive feedback we’ve gotten about our circles:
“Through Joan and Tomas Circles and programs,
I am able to meet myself in a new and more profound way.
I’m able to find more peace and a deeper embrace of my full self”. – Naima
“The biggest gift I received is that I’ve learned how to love myself and others
with integrity and more depth. I’m healthier, clearer, more open, confident
and fearless…especially when it comes to love.” – Jayanti

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