Love Languages for our Body and Soul
A Day for Sacred Adventure and Pleasure

July 15th, 10 am-6 pm
Includes delicious Ayurvedic lunch, $108

Healing the Past
Nurturing the Now
Creating the Future
with the Cancer New Moon

“Yesterday was a day full of connection and healing for me.
I can’t thank you and Tomas enough! Your wisdom, guidance,
and ability to connect people on a heart and Soul level is unparalleled.”

Angie Krey, Makawao, HI

Hey Soul Family. When was the last time you spent a day being nurtured? Did you know for most people it is easier to give than to receive? Do you receive enough healing, loving, respectful touch? Most people need a lot more than they get!

There are many things we needed as children. Some we got. Some we didn’t. So we each have “gifts” and “gaps”.

So here goes. As a kid:

  • Did you receive enough loving touch? Were you held, cuddled, and touched with kindness? Or not?
  • Were your caregivers able to give you enough quality time? Did they play with you? Read to you? Show you how to do things?
  • Did they feed you well, help you with your homework, or perform other acts of service?
  • Did they talk to you in a supportive way? Did you feel basically affirmed in your communication with them?
  • Did they give you meaningful gifts that let you know they cared?

We can be thankful for the gifts we received as kids because those things helped us feel felt, heard, understood, loved and supported.

It is what we did not receive that creates the gaps or lacks that we try to then “get” from our partners and friends. The good news is that when we know what is missing in our “love languages”, we can consciously ask for and help one another fill in those “gaps”.

We all have Universal, healthy needs, for every one of the Love Languages, and the more we receive what our body, mind, soul, and Spirit want, the better we feel, and the more energy we have for ourselves and for those around us.

We each feel nurtured in different ways, and we’ll spend this day experientially investigating our gifts, and our gaps. We’ll take the Love Languages test, and with that information we’ll explore how we can support each other most perfectly. In this day you will get your most precious needs met, and gaps filled in. And we’ll have an opportunity to support others as well.

Now here’s something super important.

You will also find out how you might be blocking your “incoming channel” either from not knowing how to ask for what you want, and/or not feeling “worthy” of receiving.

This has implications for the rest of our lives, because if we are blocking “incoming energy”, that may also block love, abundance, and all the good that wants to come to us.

This information and experience will help us understand how we can create more opportunities to “fill our gaps”, as we help those around us also fill theirs.


If you wish to join us for this next one let us know. R.S.V.P here and we will make it so! –and if there is someone you would like to share this with, please invite them!

Email Joan:, 808 280-9005 to hold your space.


That was the best day long healing container I’ve been in so far!! I’m feeling tired in a good way. Like I’m detoxing all that stuff that was allowed to be seen and loved. Thank you both for such a wonderful experience!