Love As a Force – The Unlimited Potential of Love
By Tomas and Joan Heartfield. Ph.D.

Though mysterious and highly unpredictable, being in love gives us access to the core of our beings. It opens us to our vulnerability, where we are able to feel the pulse of our own soul through our heart. From this place we are able to create the highest form of relationship: one with unlimited potential. Nurturing this potential is a constantly evolving art form.

                                                                                                                   – Tomas Heartfield


When Swami Satchitananda was in Maui, he spoke of loving.  He said, “For many of you love has been reduced to a business.  You give love when you have received something that makes you feel safe enough to give love.”  He laughed.  “In true loving, there can be no safety.  If you are to truly love, you must give up the self.  Anybody can love when they are receiving something for it.  But, can you love for no reason at all?”

 Love is a force that touches us all; it connects us to the universe and reduces the pain of separation. It is driven by desire and our need to connect with the energy of the absolute. Desire is the ignition or spark for all human activity. It touches all of our senses.

 When our desire includes our wish for all beings to know peace and well being, we have made a significant contribution reducing suffering in the world. It all starts with us. The quality of our desire determines the quality of the love.

When the energy of love as passion enters us, it can disrupt our carefully constructed lives. From the ego’s point of view, love is downright dangerous. Of all the things the ego (our patterned way of responding) finds threatening, it fears love the most.  It is love that dissolves our patterns. Love challenges our belief that the “self” that we think is who we are, is in charge. Physically it arises in the heart, which is really an organ of intelligence.  Its language is love.  What we crave is not an understanding of love, but an experience of love. Love comes in many flavors and is accessible to all

 To say we are in love means that we have surrendered to letting someone into the innermost sanctum of the heart. When we say, “I love you”, what are we saying?  We are saying, “I have feelings for you that open my heart to an energy in me that is precious. I can only call it love.” Love is an indication of deep feeling.  A more accurate statement might be:  “When you talk with me I open up and feel close to you. I feel happy”.


We are all learning how to love and even though it is widely talked about in our world religions, love’s other companions of forgiveness, compassion and acceptance support love and enhance the quality of life.

Love in its more mature aspect is the practice of  deep connection. At our core, love is the universal language. What we can do is cultivate this precious elixir within us: our ability to “love for no reason”.

Is it safe to love?  Absolutely not. And in this is its gift.

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