Integral Loving for Women 

A 12-week Online Course

Taught by Joan Heartfield, PhD

Relationship, Passion and Intimacy

Embodied and Grounded Spiritual Sexual Education


Fusing Tantric and Taoist Sacred Sexual Practices, Heart Intelligence, and Compassionate Communication as an integral experience.

“Through this class I’ve been able to claim parts of myself I did not even know existed inside of me. I’ve been able to meet myself in a new and more profound way. I’ve been able to find more peace and a deeper embrace of my juiciness. I feel grounded and safe to be the juicy woman that I am, walking this earth with a wide-open heart full of love to be shared. I feel a new sense of aliveness within myself.” Naima

This Integral Loving training is a balanced, holistic and juicy experience that can help you expand the joy your heart longs for in all your relationships, sexual or not.  Explore the mysterious connection with your life energy/Shakti, awakening your ability to fully embody your ecstatic aliveness.  Directing this energy and staying connected to your heart is one of the most important keys to living the life of your dreams.

Limited to 15 women

12 online Thursday classes with Joan, 9-10:30 am HST. This is in “Real Time”, so you can share deeply and discuss, in a safe setting, what is authentic for you in your life. I will personalize the training based on what you want to learn more about, understand, and practice. In these sessions, you are encouraged to ask any and all questions you would like answered.

This will include exercises and practices that you can do by yourself, and/or with a partner. I will record our Zoom calls, so if you miss one, you’ll still get the information. 

Written materials on the practice and understanding of these techniques will be provided.

Spiritual Evolution and Sacred Sexuality has been a major focus in my life. My husband and I have used the fuel from cultivating these energies to activate the many gifts that have come through us. I want to share and pass on to a select group of women the best of what I have learned in my 25 years of practicing and teaching this work internationally, including many facilitators and practitioners in the consciousness world.

Bottom line is, we need to know how to be responsible for our sexual and emotional energy. We want to use this powerful energy as fuel for loving relationships, passionate work in the world, and to manifest our dreams and visions here and now. You can move from positive thinking to positive living when you know how to access what you want, when you focus on what has heart and meaning in your life, and when you are connected to your passion.

Whether you are in a new or long-term relationship, single, married or recovering from a relationship that has ended, I can show you how to move your love life to a higher level. I believe your wildest dreams are meant to be lived, and I am dedicated to help you live them.

In this powerful offering I will show you how to:

  • Live life as a sacred erotic adventure
  • Celebrate your aliveness in each moment
  • Recognize and honor the messages from your heart
  • Create, nurture and expand a fulfilling relationship full of joy, passion, intimacy, radiant health, and a deeply nourishing sex life!

Twelve Thursdays 9-10:30 am HST: Jan 13, 20, 27, Feb 3, 10, 17, 24, March 3, 10, 17, 24, 31

Cost $660, can be paid through PayPal, Venmo, visa or MC

“This training provided me with a safe container to experience intimacy and sensuality. I learned that the heart of Tantra can use sexual energy for healing, confronting our own demons to love life more fully, and to become more empathic, loving creatures. I feel that if more people did this training, the world would be a safer place”. D.E.

“ I had the pleasure of being part of the Sacred Sexuality for Women online group and it was an incredibly rewarding experience. I wasn’t sure what to expect at first and was a bit worried about the online format. After meeting the group, and with Joan making sure we were all comfortable and co-creating a supportive and safe environment, the experience turned out to be great. Not only did I learn a lot, but got so many ideas and practices to explore -in the group and on my own-, got the chance to share, find many common experiences, to ask freely and to feel accepted and supported in whatever was showing up for me at that time.

The group became not one of ‘just women’ but of sisters who got together to help each other heal under the loving and compassionate guidance of Joan. It was a truly healing experience in many aspects, and I would certainly recommend other women going on this journey if they have the chance.” Celeste Carrillo-Therapist


Joan’s graceful ability to create a loving and empowering container for groups of women of all ages and life experiences is truly inspiring. Within this atmosphere of her Integral Loving series, I was not only able to reignite my inner sexual fire, I also revealed a deeper layer of self awareness and self love that has transferred into the sacred intimate areas of my life.” – Jessica Quinn

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