Inspired Relationship: From Chemistry to Alchemy

for couples

Sundays, Starting January 28th!

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What you say and how you say it either sets the stage for magic to happen or sets the stage for drama. What you do and how you treat each other either lifts you up or brings you down. Do we focus on what is “wrong” with the other person, or on what we appreciate in them?

How we think about and treat ourselves is a big part of how we feel about our partner. If we look at our partner as one of our mirrors, what are we seeing? If we don’t like what we see, do we blame and judge the other, or sit down with them and together, find what would work better?

We have spent the last 25 years together learning the best relationship practices we could find. We teach what has worked for us, and we show you how to create connections that are full of life and “anti-age” your relationships.

Evolve yourself in the Cauldron of Relationship
Track down and resolve old relationship habits
Practice new skills that work
Enjoy each other more!

We’ll share:

  • The Best Communication and Listening Practices
  • How to connect deeply through Heart Intelligence
  • How to track and take responsibility for your energy and frequency
  • Choosing the “Movie” you want to make with another
  • Using astrology to understand yourself and your partner
  • Nurturing, Healing and Awakening those we love
  • Tantric and Taoist foundations for awakened intimacy
  • The Four Rivers of Life
  • Feng Shui to invite and circulate the energy of the cosmos
  • Sex Magic practices to spice up your life
Sundays, 3-6 pm
January 28
February 4
February 11
February 18
February 25
March 3
Sunday March10th All Day, 10 am-6pm

If you’d like to join us email or text her at 808 280-9005.