What You Must Know to Survive and Thrive

In ALL Of Your Relationships


What you bring to all of your relationships either sets the stage for magic to happen or sets the stage for drama. What you do and how you treat each other (and yourself) either lifts you up or brings you down.

Learn the best relationship practices we have found and use in our 25 years of marriage and divine partnership.  We show you how to create connections that are full of life and “anti-age” all your relationships.

Evolve yourself in the Cauldron of Relationship

Track down and resolve old relationship habits

Practice new skills that work

Enjoy each other more!


We’ll share:

  • The Best Communication and Listening Practices
  • Heart Intelligence and the secrets of energetic resonance
  • Astrology to understand yourself and your partner
  • Nurturing, Healing and Awakening those we love
  • Tantric and Taoist foundations for deeper intimacy
  • Navigating the Four Rivers of Life: Attributes that infuse a relationship with vitality and aliveness.
  • How to fully take responsibility for your energy and raise your frequency

This class is postponed, please reach out to be on our list for this class!

Cost $600, can be paid through PayPal, Venmo, visa, MC, check or cash

If this speaks to your heart, and you want to join me, email or text me 808 280-9005

Love and Magical Blessings,

Joan and Tomas