Inspired Relationship: New Moon in Libra Heart Intelligence Circle

with Tomas and Joan Heartfield Ph.D.
for couples and singles,

Saturday, October 14th, 10 am-6 pm
$108 includes delicious Ayurvedic Lunch

 What you say and how you say it either sets the stage for magic to happen or sets the stage for drama. What you do and how you treat each other either lifts you up or brings you down. Do we focus on what is “wrong” with the other person, or on what we appreciate in them?

Libra is all about equal and balanced relationship. However, we all have habits and patterns that are often unconscious that sabotage relationship. When these unconscious parts of us are pointed out, do we react with anger to being “criticized”?  Do we get morose and pout? Do we run away and hide? Or are we able to listen, acknowledge what our partner is saying to us, and respond  in a mature way?
Our communication style is often linked to our childhood, and the way we learned to “survive” in our families of origin. If our “style” is not supportive to healthy relationship, we need to look honestly at what we say, and how we say it, and consciously make new choices of how we want to respond that nurtures relationship, rather than undermines it.
We have the ability to learn new ways of relating, and to cultivate the quality of energy that we want with our nearest and dearest. We have to grow individually, in order to grow together, and fortunately we can make this a creative, uplifting experience that we co-create with others.
We can master ourselves, and bring out the best in each other. It is especially satisfying to do this in community since we each bring unique gifts that we all learn from. As we each “level up”, our relationships and communities thrive and prosper.
Evolve yourself in the Cauldron of Relationship
Track down and resolve old relationship habits
Practice new skills that work
Enjoy each other more!


If you wish to join us for this next one let us know. R.S.V.P here and we will make it so! –and if there is someone you would like to share this with, please invite them!

Email Joan:, 808 280-9005 to hold your space.


That was the best day long healing container I’ve been in so far!! I’m feeling tired in a good way. Like I’m detoxing all that stuff that was allowed to be seen and loved. Thank you both for such a wonderful experience!