For men and women giving a sexual healing session


What works best for a man giving is for him to hold a very clear space for the feminine so she can feel safe and relax. The man holds the riverbanks so the feminine can flow. His clear boundaries allow her to open up even more. He gets to see her goddess self and she gets to see and feel his divine masculine

What works best for a woman giving is for her to be in her juicy creative playful erotic feminine. She thus claims her feminine power and gives the man a glimpse of the goddess while she gets to feel the mans deep surrender.

When a woman trusts a man to give to her, he feels that trust and he can show up in his most present and loving self, all the while enjoying the feminine tremendously, and worshiping the goddess and delighting in his giving to her

When a woman is with a man she knows she can trust, she can unleash the goddess in her on him. She can let him see and feel Shakti moving through her.

The masculine maintains presence. The feminine maintains the flow.


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