Do You Know Your Heart’s IQ?
How “Heart Intelligent” are you?  Find out!

Heart Intelligence is a powerful, user-friendly technology that helps you create more joy in your life. It’s effective, fun, grounded and juicy.

There are two ways to get involved.

Join a 6 week group on go-to-meeting or come in person to our monthly daylong

 On Line Group

In the comfort of your own home, or wherever you are in the world, sign up for a small (5 person), 6 week group on go-to-meeting with Joan or Tomas


An embodied integrated practice using physical, sexual, emotional, mental, energetic and spiritual energy to help you move to a more coherent state of consciousness

Listen to your heart
Follow your heart
Open your heart
Communicate effectively from your heart
Use your sexual energy to magnetize your hearts desires
Discover how you hold yourself back from being as successful as you want to be
Shed light on your shadows (your disowned selves)
Expand your range so you more fully express the totality of your being
Build community

 All in the spirit of joy!

“The point of life is to awaken
The purpose of live is joy.”
~ Christian Pankhurst

Life lives in us and through us.  We experience it as our vitality, our sexual energy, our emotional energy, and our spiritual energy. “Energy” runs the show. When we are connected to these different levels, we can see, feel and know what is happening and how to move life in a direction that allows us to feel better. As we master this process, we feel radically alive, free of fear, and wildly successful. The problem is, our life energy gets distorted as it comes though the lens of our thoughts, emotions, and senses. It gets distorted by our programs; all the ways we learned to interface with life, so that we feel safe. We had to hold back our tears, our anger, our power, our love–whatever was not safe to feel or express in relationships with others.  Heart intelligence shows us how to slow down the process and track what it happening so we can see where the distortion is coming from. Old programs fall away. Trust emerges and we relax into our natural knowing. We move away from what no longer  serves us as we move toward what we want. We feel our natural aliveness; our natural joy. We experience our connection to Life Itself. It lives through us, as us.  We see the natural magic continually unfolding and live in awe and wonder in this present moment.

Joy is the most fulfilling aspect of life we can know.  Accessing it is merely a matter of intention and resolve.  Through this joy, our experience of life becomes more natural and awakened.

But to get to this joy, we must be willing to gather all parts of us, even the unconscious disconnected pieces.  Along the way our capacity to tune in and listen is developed.  We soon learn that the heart is actually the feelings of aliveness that moves and dances through our bodies.

Once we feel it by listening, we become intrigued.  We want to follow it.  This is because it is so connected to our essential goodness we start to feel the juice of it.  It is not so much of an effort now because we’re actually following something we are beginning to trust, our own aliveness.

Because we have tracked the aliveness of our heart clearly, we have found this spacious place inside opens wider to receive more joy.

And because it’s so authentically alive it emanates this energy that clearly expresses who you are in every moment.  No more mixed signals.  You communicate with your being.  This juicy embodied self is who you have always wanted to know, be and express, with full awareness, and maximum pleasure.


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