Heart Intelligence Community Circles ~ Rediscover Your Radiance

Heart Intelligence is a powerful, user-friendly spiritual practice that helps you create confidence, clarity and more joy in your life as you build meaningful and enjoyable relationships with others.

Our monthly Heart Circles help you feel connected to life in a way that is real, and deeply nourishing. You feel seen, felt, supported and respected.

Heart Intelligence and Talking Hearts circle work helps you open your heart, expand your range, and discover what is holding you back from expressing your full potential. You move beyond your conditioning into what you really want for yourself, and in partnership. The work is accumulative. The more you practice, the better you get at discovering if you are making choices from conditioning, or making choices based on intuition, guidance and heart intelligence.

Our focus is on connection, and what we need to make the way we connect with others as deep, rich and potent as we can. Heart Intelligence brings a higher quality of Love and Intimacy into our lives. We need one another to do this! We have reached the limit on how far we can grow as individuals. We are tribal creatures in our core, and we crave connection and acceptance. We want to be seen and heard. We want to feel safe to be authentically ourselves.

A well-facilitated circle allows you to feel and move within yourself in exciting and creative ways. There is a collaborative aliveness in each session that uses the energy in the room to nurture, heal, and awaken. This amplified field lifts everyone into greater joy.

Our various themes are designed to deepen and enrich our lives as we create a deeper connection with the seasons, moon cycles, holidays, and cycles of time that influence our bodies and souls.

• Access and express deeper levels of embodied truth
• Expand into new levels of energetic aliveness
• Feel others in ways that strengthen connection
• Feel more of your core essence
• Know and change how you hold yourself back from life
• Find deeper trust in life
• Enjoy all aspects of your being!


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I am still living in the revelations of the magical process that I did, with the group. I’m still feeling the beauty, wonder, and power of what I was able to own. I feel the shift! Thank You for holding impeccable space for me to feel it!

Stephan Malececk, Ph.D.


Mahalo to Joan and Tomas!!!  I am beyond blessed to have stumbled upon this safe and conscious space they hold so well. I am astounded at what powerful work this has been for me

Lauren Wind Song

I’d recommend their work to anyone ready for more love and openness in their life.  I’m now happier, clearer, more open, more on purpose, more in love with myself and life!  More please!

Jayanti Nand

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