Healing Vacation Retreats for Couples or Singles

Nurture yourself and your relationship on Maui!

We are available for private 7 to 10 day retreats for singles or couples who wish to expand their awareness regarding relationship, sexual issues, life path questions and/or spirituality. We use sacred sexual education, counseling, compassionate communication, voice dialogue and holotropic breathwork to unravel old programs, e x p a n d consciousness and tap into the depths of our radiant Self.

In awakening our total aliveness, we work with all the chakras, or energy centers. When our foundational centers of grounding and passion at the base and genital region are happy, our life experiences start to flow with more ease.  When we feel at ease and connected to our power, our hearts open more easily. As we refine our ability to communicate our truth, our vision center opens and we are infused with spiritual understanding. Our purpose is to bring more awareness and aliveness to the entire body–so that we can enjoy life fully, and manifest our complete grounded, passionate, powerful, loving, creative, spirit filled visions easily and naturally.

With this work you:

  • Reclaim your erotic innocence in a safe and playful way
  •  Explore the fullness of the sacred sexual mysteries
  • Harness your creative orgasmic energy
  • Release shame based belief systems and their limitations
  • Reclaim your spirit-filled passion
  • Bring harmony to all your relationships
  • Attract more life enhancing experiences into your outer life
  • Expand and harvest the power of passion in harmony with your entire being

Awaken in Paradise!

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Healing Retreats on Maui

“Geri came home from Maui with such a sense of joy, poise, enthusiasm, and peace with the world that she looked ten years younger. She loved the week with you and we’ve been connecting every day, even if just for a few minutes when the calendar is crazy. The best part is that it’s not the end, that is, she knows it can only get better, and that in itself is a healing. Big hugs to you Joan and Tomas for never giving up. You’re changing lives for the better, and what can be more satisfying.” 



“My wife and I have not had a fulfilling sex life in 15 years. Working with you ,we are now coming into a relationship where we see each other in a different light. We are learning to be playful and flirtatious with each other. We are having fun and celebrating our life together. We no longer have “sex”. We are now loving each other in every way. She loves my “wand of light” as much as I love her “sacred space”. It’s the blessing we never thought we’d receive!”