Enticing Genius
By Joan Heartfield, Ph.D.

Liz Gilbert inspired me in her talk at the TED conference. She spoke about the root of genius not being something we are or aren’t—but something more ethereal.  When I looked up the word genius on the Online Etymology Dictionary, sure enough, the late 14th century Latin translation of genius is a “guardian deity or spirit which watches over each person from birth; spirit, incarnation, with talent,” If we use this definition, we see that even if we don’t think of ourselves as a genius, we may be able to entice a genius into our lives.

This is an exciting possibility since I know we all have experienced moments of genius when a new thought, new idea, new possibility has suddenly seem to come out of nowhere. Literally jump into our awareness. But what if we could cultivate, entice or romance more of those moments?

Often those fleeting moments seem to come when my mind has been relatively empty (like upon awakening). It would emerge before one of my repetitive thought patterns would seize me. Before a habit pattern would just jump in and start the day in some automatic way.  In those moments of serenity when I would be thought-less, almost empty, new thoughts would emerge. Thoughts I’d never thunk before. I’d feel a rush in those moments; creative moments, exciting moments, moments where I would seize a pen to write down the words and ideas that were forming in my mind.

I’d always received this as a gift, but never knew how to bring it about more of the time. Now I know it’s my genius at work bringing jewels of new thoughts that seem to come from the creative part of me. I’m beginning to watch for them in those moments where my mind is empty of it’s usual drivel of endless to do lists and chatter about anything and everything past, present and future. Perhaps because I am recognizing, appreciating and asking for it, these moments of insight and brilliance come more frequently.

Getting grounded, which happens when we are barefoot on the ground, seems to help. Interestingly, we can also get grounded where we are in the bath or shower. This is because, as David Wolfe points out, the plumbing is connected to the earth, which provides instant grounding.  I’ve noticed Tomas frequently gets creative downloads the moment he steps into our nighttime shared bath.

Genius downloads seem to come in cycles.  When your genius knows you are paying attention, more material may come whizzing through. As you begin to get these random snippets, write them down in a genius notebook to find what they are pointing to.  Who knows? You may be on the edge of writing a new book, creating solutions for world peace, or inventing the next free energy technology!

This appears to be a particularly good time to ask for and receive New Awareness. Goddess knows, we need it. And because of that, it is coming in from all sides. Beautiful, powerful, uplifting, supportive information is streaming in from all over the world. Genius at work!

I am convinced Genius is here with us all the time just waiting to be called in. Try it. “Come sweet genius, come and think me. Lift my mind from the mundane. Give me thoughts that can support not only my highest options, but can support my connection to effortless creativity.”

May you feed your genius well, and reap the sublime fruits of inspiration, imagination and vision.

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