Embodying Astrology

Sept 9-Nov 18, 4-6pm

Using Our Astrology Charts to Reveal and Invite the Archetypes that want to Live Through Us

A 12-week Improvisational Exploration


Limited to 12 people

I have studied and used astrology for over 30 years to better understand myself, my family, friends and clients. Although not a professional astrologer, I use it to actively embody the archetypes of the signs and planets to get an inner feeling of these potent energies and to utilize this knowledge.

Expand your astrological knowledge, your confidence, and your ability to be fully present through playful, lively and spirited explorations of these powerful dynamics.

Caroline Casey says in her recording of How to Make the Gods/(Goddesses) Work for You, “If you work for the gods, they will work for you.”

We are Multifaceted Beings. Knowing the primary gods/goddess/archetypes in our charts allows us to claim aspects of our ‘Self’ that we may not yet understand completely, or know how to use effectively.

This work sheds light on our unique personalities, shows us where our strengths and weaknesses lie, and points us in the direction of where we can make our most potent contributions.

You don’t have to know anything about Astrology. Simply come with a desire to play. As we watch our chart being acted out, we can see how the energies in us can work together, and where we could be challenged. As we watch other charts acted out, we gain clarity and compassion for one another, and gain appreciation for why we might be more aligned with some people, and perturbed by others.

This is especially powerful in helping us understand our partners, and how their archetypes interact with ours. Seeing how I lack any planets in the sign of water, I see why I was drawn to Tomas, who has Scorpio Rising and Venus. His watery depths have helped me feel passion in a way I never knew possible.

Conversely, Tomas, having so much water and air, is supported by my grounded Capricorn Sun, playing to his Capricorn Mars.

Expand your range and come alive as you deepen your relationship to, and embody, the Divine Archetypes that want to make your life juicier, and more creative.

Come frolic in the realms of the gods and goddesses, as we discover more of who we are in this playful and exceptionally delightful manner.

Twelve Thursdays: 4-6 pm, Sept 9, 16, 23, 30, Oct 1, 8, 15, 22, 29, Nov 4, 11, 18

Cost $660, can be paid through PayPal, Venmo, visa or MC

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