Creating Space for Inner Knowing

By Tomas Heartfield

img_6988Hey Beloveds,

We’re doing the “out with the old” dance.

It feels good to be complete with things that once supported us and gave us pleasure, but that we no longer need. We are saying goodbye to them with gratitude for what they have given us over the past twenty years.

As we load up bins with ‘things’ we are moving on, we are seeing a lifetime of memories in the form of dead computers, old iphones, broken telephones, electronic gizmos, pictures of people we don’t remember very well, statues, piles of papers, contracts, old financial records, mementos from friends, picture frames, over three feet of Divine Feminine, Romancing the Beloved teaching notes and programs, along with dozens of CD’s, DVD’s, VCR’s, and boxes of cassette tapes (no kidding)–of interviews Joan and I have done over the years. We realized we would rather be creating something new than read, watch or listen to something we did from the past.

We are cleaning, clearing, sifting, sorting and improving everything in our lives.  As we examine and select the physical ‘stuff’ we are keeping (and what we are releasing), we’re also tracking what is going on in us. What we are noticing is this: we feel more spacious inside. We are more tuned into our hearts. We have more energy than we’ve had in a while.

img_6993Then we come across a stack of responses from our last Integral Loving Crew. We sit and read them and feel the sincerity in each one. Wow! We feel grateful for all the little (and not so little), expansions that each person made toward more self-love and discovery. Wow really says it!

Our time is interspersed in getting immersed in the past, (appreciating all that we have been able to co-create), and getting excited about the space we are opening up for the future.

As we are willing to let go of what we no longer need, we are twinkling at each other, a lot. We are re-noticing the foreplay in everything we do. When we do something well together, and have a feeling of accomplishment, we find ourselves getting turned on. Really!

We are entering a new cycle of refinement in our lives. We can better see and feel the dreams and visions that want to manifest through us at this time. Our hearts are open, and we are feeling the flow of our lives. The supreme blessing of every moment is giving every breath more gratitude. This moment is everything. Yup. We’ve been zapped.

Or as I like to say in cosmic moments: We are lit by starlight from within, destined to glow. Why not now!

May this holiday season test your limits for gratitude and celebration.

Love and Blessings Unlimited from the Heart Land,

Tomas and Joan

PS–I’m grateful to be celebrating yet another birthday with my Beloved Joan and our beyond wonderful community of conspirators of the heart. Thank you friends for loving me, (and thank you Mom for being the portal to get me here).

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