Heart Intelligence based Counseling and Coaching

Our intention is to support you with wisdom and options that make your life more wonderful.  We honor and help you expand what’s alive in you, so you can access this energy and move it into your life to enjoy and manifest what you want.

We use the following modalities to explore and reveal the deeper energies that influence your personality, decision-making and journey through life:

  •  Heart Intelligence
  •  Voice Dialogue
  •  Gestalt
  •  Psychodrama and Family Dynamics
  •  Non-Violent Communication
  •  Stanislav Grof’s work, including Holotropic Breathwork
  •  Shamanic Astrology and Archetypal Astrology Transits
  • Chakra Activation
  •  Sacred Sexuality

Working either individually or as a couple, we teach you how to:

  •   Connect to and embody your authentic self
  •   Discover the difference between your true desires and your ancestral, societal, and cultural programming
  •   Discover what it takes to find love and nurture its growth
  •   Create loving and meaningful relationships
  •   Heal from past emotional and sexual trauma
  •   Remove the blocks to intimacy
  •   Communicate with ease and grace
  •   Become a skillful, intuitive and creative lover
  •   Infuse yourself with fresh energy, insight and a new level of commitment
  •   Develop clarity and the ability to express yourself fully and accurately as you explore what is emerging from your essential self
  •   Align your sense of trust, passion, power, and heart
  •   Fortify your ability to communicate clearly
  •   Enhance your creativity, intuition, vision and guidance

Whether you are single, in a new or long-term relationship, monogamous or polyamorous, we support you to access and live in the current of your authentic, full-bodied aliveness.

Zoom Sessions

We work with people from all over the world using Zoom or Skype platforms.  Learn more about our sessions.

Private Retreats

We offer private 7 to 10 day retreats for singles or couples who wish to expand their awareness regarding relationship, sexual issues, life path questions and/or spirituality.  Find out more.

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