Calling All Love

Other than putting out an all points bulletin for someone to call our own, how do we attract that quality of energy and connection to us?  Is there some mysterious secret that, if we know what it was, could manifest a beloved with a wink of an eye?

The secret is this: the beloved radiates through us as an attractor for the experience of love to be known. As we take on the role of beloved and feel the beloved as us, we open to the love that is all around us. What we find is that it is us that is keeping love and beloved at bay.

There is a direct connection between our external and internal experience. If we are vibrating at the frequency of love it brings us more loving opportunities and experiences. Opening to love is an inside job that starts with ourselves. If we believe we are unlovable this will send out signals that prevent true love from coming to us.

One man we worked with for two years did everything he could to attract women and love to him. He would find women who were exactly the wrong type for him because his mind would tell him that was what he wanted. The more he tried to make it work, the angrier and more frustrated he got. He finally revealed that he felt himself unlovable and undeserving of love. Once this was resolved, and he really got how loveable he is, within weeks he attracted to him the perfect person—someone who was beyond his wildest dreams. Once he dissolved his “unlovable” thought form, the beloved immediately showed up. In fact she found him!

How love emerges and takes us into its mysteries is every bit as amazing as how universes are created and what gives flimsy little butterflies the capacity to fly thousands of miles. Love and its messenger the beloved is here to reveal more of who we really are, show us what needs healing and give us a dependable source of support through the journey of life.

We feel loved when our need for connection is met so completely that merging into the field of oneness becomes effortless. We stay in love when we can identify accurately what encourages this state for ourselves and have another being willing to support it. Love stays alive and grows when both people agree to listen attentively to what has heart and meaning and celebrate it as fuel for loves fire.

Opening as love accelerates the possibility of entering loves domain here and now. As love is eternal, it is us who must accommodate and make room for what is already here.

Here is an activity that activates the energy of the beloved.

Sit quietly in a place where you feel comfortable and will be undisturbed.

1.   Put your left hand on your heart, your right hand on your belly.

2.   Breathe quietly for five minutes. Just let your breath rise and fall. Feel you heart beating, expanding with each breath. Imagine the beloved lives in your heart. Speak to the beloved in your heart as you would a precious lover. Share your deepest desires for the quality of love you wish to cultivate and your appreciation that you can now have a relationship with this beloved that lives in you, as you.


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