Full Moon in Libra: Healing, Nurturing and Awakening
How We Give and Receive Love using Heart Intelligence

for singles and couples

Saturday, April 20th 10AM – 6PM in Huelo

Includes delicious organic lunch, $100.

Our energetic emotional range determines the amount of life force we have available to us at any moment. However, many of us never were given permission to express ourselves fully.  We may have felt unsafe, unseen, unloved, and perhaps over-run. We learned to block feelings coming toward us, and also those moving through us. Therefore the amount of love we are able to give and receive is diminished.

If you were shamed or punished for your tears, anger, rambunctiousness, or your sensual self, you learned to repress that energy. Trapped emotional energy often comes out sideways. Once we are able to feel what the ensnared energy is, and express it in a safe container, we have more access to our full range of aliveness.

What do you want in your life in terms of energy that will give you more juice? Do you need more strength and power, or more flow and softness? Do you need more raw expression of your lust, or more sensitivity in how you express it?

The great thing about working in the safe container of a Heart Circle is the support you receive and give as you embody the dynamism and frequency you want in your life now. You are witnessed and supported in being more authentically alive and real, and as you embody this, you take it with you into your world.


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