Romancing the Beloved
By Joan Heartfield Ph. D.


I never saw it coming, the rogue wave of life that hit me broadside, picked me up and carried me to a foreign shore. At that time, I was a perfectly sensible middle-aged professional woman, smack in the middle of a life I had carefully cultivated to give me security and a respected standing in my community. Unbeknownst to me, I had a stranglehold on my emotions, when it came to my fifteen-year relationship. Spiritual seeking had been my way to circumnavigate the discomfort in my life. My idea of spirituality was disconnected from intimacy, sexuality or true emotional maturity. In one blazing moment, all this changed and a new possibility was shown to me. The Beloved, the mythical aspect of love itself, revealed itself through a stranger and shattered my idea of who I thought I was. This life-changing experience swept away all that was familiar and showed me how to surrender to the passionate woman that I am.



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