Take a look at some of our previous Heart Intelligence Daylongs and other Special Events:

Stoking the Fires of Creation Heart Circle – June 15

Stoking the Fires of Creation Heart Circle
Full Moon in Sagittarius, Summer Solstice Celebration

Cooperators are standing by to help us come home to our true selves!

for singles and couples Saturday, June 15, 10 am – 6 pm
$100 -includes a delicious organic lunch in a beautiful ocean blessed setting

“Heart Circles, as facilitated by Joan and Tomas, is something I cherish. It  has helped create lasting change in my “ordinary” life. I am deeply grateful and highly recommend their events to any fellow human.” – Kylie Cole

It’s time for a mid-year check in with those on the path of awakening.  This Heart Intelligence Circle invites us to gather our energies and open up the treasures within that are waiting to be seen and owned. Every time we acknowledge our victories, we boost our immune system, bring in more endorphins, stoke our creative energies, and feel more joy. We need to celebrate our victories as much as we need to mourn our losses. Both are important in expanding our range of feeling life to the fullest.

Our hearts guide us to our most authentic truth. Life energy we receive through celebration gives us the ‘juice’ we need to feel more authentic joy. We explore what we need to make the way we  connect with others deep, rich and potent. We need one another to do this! We have reached the limit on how far we can grow as individuals. We are tribal creatures in our core, and we crave  connection and acceptance. We want to be seen and heard. We want to feel safe to be authentically ourselves.

We can experience life at many different levels of intensity and intelligence. Everyone talks about being here now, so how can we expand this conversation to take us into the divine flow of true presence?  If we have suppressed our emotions and life energy, we most likely suffer from the depression of a life that has not tasted the bliss of unencumbered expression. If events from our history have shut down the reservoir of our creative spontaneous aliveness, it’s time to plumb the well and open up the flow, so life can live itself through us, as us, unencumbered.

• Celebrate your victories—boost your endorphins
• Track what your life is telling you by tuning into your inner guidance on multiple channels
• Invite the wisdom and goodness of the circle to bring more authenticity, vulnerability and courage to the parts of yourself that have not been getting enough airplay
• Clear your nervous system and energy field from  the pain  of past criticism
• Claim your self confidence
• Find your deepest truth and fall in love with yourself

Heart Intelligence helps you open your heart, expand your range, and discover what is holding you back from expressing your full potential. You move beyond your conditioning into what you really want for yourself, and with all your relationships. The work is accumulative. The more you participate and practice, the better you get at discovering where you are sourcing your truth, and the easier it is to get clear. Once your direction is well defined, you naturally move toward more aliveness. You are more able to choose what feels better; mentally, physically, emotionally and energetically. You naturally become more joy-full. Finding deeper states of flow and joy is a lifetime practice—and brings endless benefits!

If you wish to join us for this next one let us know. R.S.V.P here and we will make it so! –and if there is someone you would like to share this with, please invite them!  email: joan@talkinghearts.com or call 808 572-1250 for a reservation.

Spring Equinox Heart Intelligence Circle – March 16th

Spring Equinox: Connecting More Deeply
to Your Spiritual Life Purpose

Using Astrology and Heart Intelligence
For singles and couples

March 16, 2019 from 10 am-6 pm

$100 includes a delicious organic lunch

Our Sacred Purpose in the world gives us a way to engage our energies, and gives our soul a way to dance.

What is our Sacred Purpose? It usually involves bringing more love and consciousness to the world in some way. Our Sacred Purpose can be to raise a child, grow a garden, start a business, or clean houses. It’s not the nature of the work we do; it’s the energy we bring to whatever we do.

Our birth chart gives us a map of the energies that shape us, and gives us a blueprint for helping us see what we came here to be, and to do. This helps us feel into the gifts that we come with, and those gifts our soul wants us to develop.

Heart Intelligence shows us how to own what’s real and alive in the moment.  It helps us tune into our Heart and High Self so we can more ease-fully feel the guidance coming to us in each moment. 

Heart Intelligence works best in Circle energy, since the amplified field helps us feel more than we normally feel, that helps us tune in more deeply to our truth. The aphorism “it takes a tribe” is true here too.  We are not supposed to figure out this life by ourselves, or be alone in manifesting our spiritual purpose.

April 20th-Full Moon in Libra

Full Moon in Libra: Healing, Nurturing and Awakening
How We Give and Receive Love using Heart Intelligence

for singles and couples

Saturday, April 20th 10AM – 6PM in Huelo

Includes delicious organic lunch, $100.

Our energetic emotional range determines the amount of life force we have available to us at any moment. However, many of us never were given permission to express ourselves fully.  We may have felt unsafe, unseen, unloved, and perhaps over-run. We learned to block feelings coming toward us, and also those moving through us. Therefore the amount of love we are able to give and receive is diminished.

If you were shamed or punished for your tears, anger, rambunctiousness, or your sensual self, you learned to repress that energy. Trapped emotional energy often comes out sideways. Once we are able to feel what the ensnared energy is, and express it in a safe container, we have more access to our full range of aliveness.

What do you want in your life in terms of energy that will give you more juice? Do you need more strength and power, or more flow and softness? Do you need more raw expression of your lust, or more sensitivity in how you express it?

The great thing about working in the safe container of a Heart Circle is the support you receive and give as you embody the dynamism and frequency you want in your life now. You are witnessed and supported in being more authentically alive and real, and as you embody this, you take it with you into your world.


May 18th – Full Moon in Scorpio

Full Moon in Scorpio ~ Shadow Temple

Claim the Power from your Light and Dark Shadows

Using Heart Intelligence

for singles and couples

Saturday, May 18th 10AM – 6PM in Huelo

Includes delicious organic lunch, $100.

“If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you.
If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.

~ Gnostic gospel of Thomas

Shadow Temple is a sacred space where we work together to become conscious of and unwind self-defeating habits that lower our vibration.

Have you ever noticed that you become uncomfortable when things are going really well for you? Have you ever had the best times of your life with a partner, to have one or the other of you crash it? We see this in our relationship, often around a full moon. And Scorpio Full Moon is always a duzy!

Why is this?

Len’s Law says that we all have a threshold for the amount of success and joy we can let in before we start to trigger defense mechanisms that actually lower our vibration to prevent any more of that which we really want from coming to us. It sounds crazy, but we’re sure you can relate.

It’s like we have a glass dome, and when we get to a certain level of energy, expansion and joy, our self-defeating habits kick in. It’s like a transparent bubble keeps us in a place that on some level feels safe, because it is known. It is the way we learned to react to our environment, and it is a habit that we have practiced over and over in our life. Heart Intelligence calls this mechanism that works in tandem with our shadows, our stuart.

Stuart is an acronym for the qualities we need in order to disarm our habitual protective programs.  To move beyond these defensive mechanisms we need to feel:  Safety, Trust, Understanding, Awareness, Relaxation, and Tenderness, for ourselves, and for others.

Our Stuart protects our Shadow, so say we are angry at a friend, but because we think anger is bad, and maybe don’t know how to express what we feel, we stay busy, and distance ourselves from that person. Or maybe we feel sad or confused, and feel ashamed of those feelings, so we put on a happy face, or talk about the weather or politics, to distract from what is real.

By getting to know and personify our Stuart, and see the shadow it is “protecting”, we can have a relationship with it. As we track and get to know these habitual defense patterns, we can acknowledge them when we see them come up, and choose more effective ways to interact with those we love.

The Magic of Love Unleashed Heart Circle – Feb 16th

The Magic of Love Unleashed Heart Circle

February 16th, 10 am – 6 pm


$100 -includes a delicious organic lunch

The strange thing about love in our intimate relationships is how we tend to show up first in our glorious beautiful polished self. And it isn’t until later we reveal where we are wounded and not really confident or capable of working with that much vulnerability and truth.

Weeks after the roses have shriveled and the chocolate’s long gone, your love will be growing ever stronger when you learn to practice love and refine the way you give it and receive it.
Spend a day with two masters of love who have helped thousands become better lovers. It all starts with you!

To become a world class lover takes practice! Register early for this special Heart Circle and become a better lover!
Joan and Tomas have been teaching relationship mastery for twenty years. Their work has touched thousands around the world. They are devotees of love in all its forms. Spending the day in a guided heart circle with them will up your game and connect you to others who are intentional in growing love in their life.

The Magic of Winter Solstice: The Light in the Darkness Heart Circle – Dec 15th

The Magic of Winter Solstice:
The Light in the Darkness Heart Circle

Using Heart Intelligence
For singles and couples

Dec 15th, 2018 from 10 am-6 pm

$100 includes a delicious organic lunch

 “The journey into the light is through the center of our own darkness.”  – Osho

As we finish the year, we feel the preciousness of the Winter Solstice. It is a time to pause, open our hearts, and do an accounting of our life. Our Intuition and Vision is heightened now in the dazzling darkness, and becomes even clearer in an amplified field of collective hearts. We are evolving together and we feel the power of our collective transformation.

Finding the light in the darkness is a theme for our times, and for many of us personally. In this Solstice window, we can look back and see where we have “sinned”, where we have “missed the mark”. We can feel into what worked, and what didn’t work. 

 By looking directly into the darkness, into those parts of ourselves we don’t like, or those things we said or did that were unkind, or those places where we just didn’t show up, we can take stock of our self and ask:

 Where did I not care for myself?

Where did I not show up for myself?

Where did I not care about other?

Where did I not show up for other?

Where did I think I was getting away with something, only to have it boomerang back on me?

 As we clearly see what didn’t work, and look at what we would have said or done differently, we can imagine the words or actions we might use instead, if given a second chance. And we’re always given a second chance—or however many we need until we get it right. 

 Like the movie Groundhog Day, we keep getting the opportunity to show up in a way that works, with the same person, or with someone else. Similar circumstances arrive that give us the chance to choose again, and we get to celebrate when we finally get it right.

 In the company of other heart intelligent friends, we can practice showing up as we wish to show up. We can practice forgiveness. We can practice standing up for ourselves, and for others. We can reveal who we are, even that part of us still in the shadows. As we feel accepted, we feel safe. When we feel safe, we relax, our hearts, open, and we have a heck of a lot more fun. 

Let us know if you can join us—we hope you can! 

Love and Magical Blessings, Joan and Tomas


The Magic of New Beginnings Heart Circle – Jan 19th

The Magic of New Beginnings Heart Circle

Using Heart Intelligence
For singles and couples

January 19, 2019 from 10 am-6 pm

$100 includes a delicious organic lunch

What is deeply meaningful and alive that is trying to emerge in your life now? What have you learned from this past year—particularly challenges in this past cycle, that have forced you to a deeper surrender? What is rising from the ashes of this past year, and how do you wish to rise in your life to new heights of consciousness?  What are you calling in?

• Stronger connection to your life purpose?
• Stronger intention in a particular direction?
• More compassion for yourself and others?
• More willingness to see and move beyond life defeating patterns?
• A deeper sense of harmony with yourself and others?
• More trust in the process?
• More self-confidence?
• More willingness to be in peace and joy? 
• More exciting new adventures?
• We can call in anything we want. It’s what we do to make it real that matters. 

So what works? How about if we:
• – Clear our field of negative self-talk
• – Stop complaining
• – Move our energetic range to a higher state
• – Jettison habits that deaden our aliveness
• – Move out of our comfort zone: Take more risks
• – Trust life  
• – Eliminate the habits that undermine our peace of mind
• – Consciously practice being conscious
• – See the blueprint we are creating every moment of our lives
• – Evaluate our support system, and that means, the company we keep.
• –  Own our shadows

The payoff is not what we have on the outer plane—those things come and go. Through time we accumulate experience, and create our history. Real transformation happens naturally as we gather the wisdom from our experiences, and clarify our direction, by clearly following our hearts guidance. We cultivate the quality of energy, of consciousness, of life—that we want to live.


The Magic of Gratitude – Nov 17th

The Magic of Gratitude Heart Circle

Saturday, November 17, 2018
10am- 6pm

$100 – includes a delicious organic lunch

Gratitude is the fastest practice for awakening your heart, and your awakened heart awakens those around you. You walk into a room and your authentic presence lifts the energy and opens the way for joy. Now that, is magic!

Gratitude is the gracious acknowledgment of all that sustains you, a bow to your blessings, great and small. Gratitude is confidence in life itself! 

Gratitude is Loving What Is Now! It isn’t about loving every THING  It’s your ability to hold everything as it is. Right now. The Bounty of the moment holds all possibilities now and always. That is where real magic gets its power!

Magic is a change in attitude. Magic happens when you are willing to flow with everything, which means you are grateful for everything that comes to you, knowing everything is supporting you in coming into alignment with Divine order.

As you let the elixir of gratitude do its magic, your heart opens, and like the humble teacup, you hold what is poured in. 

Let your cup be filled with the Magical, Playful, Juicy Gratitude—and share it with everyone you know! 

What we appreciate grows, so when we expand our range of Gratitude—including being grateful for those things we might not normally think of to be thankful for, such as the challenges in our lives, we rocket boost ourselves into a powerful frequency where we are able to magically shift old habits and embody new creative possibilities. 

As we see how our challenges encouraged our growth, we can release shame, blame and fear, and embrace our lives more fully. We deepen our capacity to receive love, acceptance and recognition. We love life more passionately in each and every moment. 

The Magic of Gratitude Heart Intelligence practice helps you open your heart, expand your range, and discover what is holding you back from expressing your full potential. You move beyond your conditioning into what you really want for yourself, and in partnership. The work is accumulative. The more your practice, the better you get at discovering if you are making choices from conditioning, or making choices based on intuition, guidance and heart intelligence. 

The focus for this event is on connection, and what we need to make the way we connect with others as deep, rich and potent as we can. Heart Intelligence brings a higher quality of Love and Intimacy into our life. We need one another to do this! We have reached the limit on how far we can grow as individuals. We are tribal creatures in our core, and we crave connection and acceptance. We want to be seen and heard. We want to feel safe to be authentically ourselves.

I have experienced so much joy and transformation in the open field of Heart Intelligence. I have seen and felt my life shift in miraculous ways. It’s the ultimate self-care, which in turn affected my partnerships, family and my community in positive ways. I cherish my days in this magical field with other heart-centered beings. This work has helped create lasting change in my “ordinary” life.”  – Kylie Cole

Practical Magic using Heart Intelligence – Oct. 20th

Practical Magic – using Heart Intelligence
Weaving the Web of Reality with the Words you think and Speak

October 20th, 10 am – 6 pm

 $100 – includes a delicious organic lunch in our beautiful home


“When you know the words the world is made of,
you can make of it what you will.”
Terence McKenna

Whatever we do that changes our consciousness and opens us to more awareness of truth, light and love— that is practical magic. We call it magic because we don’t see the root cause or the stimulus or the underpinnings that creates a particular experience.

Practical Magic is transforming the direction of our lives by strengthening our awareness of the laws of attraction, and understanding how the appearance of reality changes as our relationship with it deepens. We navigate reality with an energetic of playfulness, sacredness and spaciousness. We are conscious of thoughts, words and feelings and infuse them with conscious spell making.

Our thoughts, words and the energy behind them invites our experience. Being willing to adjust our expression in the world orients us into a positive frequency that that can be quite easy to understand. When it comes down to it, in our overall vibration, we are either a “yes” or a “no”. We exude Yes or No through our being.

To be an effective magician, we need to migrate toward the “yes”.

Look around and notice if you are being seen as a Yes or a No.

“Yes” invites. “No” keeps out.

“No” doesn’t mean you are a bad person, it only means you haven’t yet oriented yourself  to the truth of magnetic resonance.

The recipes we cook up in this magical approach affect the very fabric of our reality. It becomes ordinary when we realize we are doing this all the time, whether we know it or not. When we know it, we become assets to our life and true creators of outcomes meant to benefit us all.

Talking Hearts Certification Training

Talking Hearts Certification Training
with Joan Heartfield PhD and Tomas Heartfield

This training is for those who want to learn to coach and/or counsel others, lead workshops, teach classes, or simply discover how to support yourself and your friends with practices that open up your awareness to reveal the deeper energies that are influencing your personality and decision-making.

This nine-month training is designed to develop confidence, clarity and expertise in sharing what is real, alive, and emerging from your essential self. It will help you to explore, understand, and express your truth. You will develop for yourself, and skillfully facilitate others, in finding those “Ah-ha” moments.

The foundation of this course will be Heart Intelligence style interaction, and meditation techniques. This path addresses all the chakras. This will align your sense of trust, passion, power, and heart, while fortifying your ability to communicate clearly, enhance your creativity, intuition, vision and guidance.

This training is designed to initiate a clear, ongoing awareness of who you are, and what you are here to be, do, give and receive.

Over the course of the year you will learn the basics of:

  • Voice Dialogue
  • Gestalt
  • Psychodrama and Family Dynamics
  • Effective Communication
  • Stanislav Grof’s work including Holotropic Breathwork and sitting for others in non-ordinary states of consciousness
  • Shamanic Astrology and Archetypal Astrology Transits

You will discover how to:

  • Create a safe environment and field of presence that encourages opening
  • Maintain neutrality
  • Build trust
  • Deepen the value of your offerings
  • Give a fulfilling session

The course will be divided into three 3-month modules with 3 full Saturdays 10am-6pm, and 9 Thursday evenings 6:30-8:30 pm

The cost of the training is $2000, which can be paid over 9 months at $222 month.

There will be homework such as books to read, videos to watch, and practices to do with others. Upon successful completion of this training, you will receive a Certificate of Completion and a placement on our Talking Heats website with our recommendation, and a link to your website.

First Module:
Saturday: September 1, Thursdays: September 6, 13, 20, 27
Saturday: October 6,  Thursdays: October 11, 18, 25
Saturday: November 3,  Thursdays: November 8, 15,

Second Module:
Saturday: January 5, Thursdays: January 10, 17, 24
Saturday: February 2. Thursdays: February 7, 14, 21
Saturday: March 2, Thursdays: March 7, 14, 21

Third Module:
Saturday: April 6, Thursdays: April 11, 18, 25
Saturday: May 4. Thursdays: May 9, 26, 23
Saturday: June 1, Thursdays: June 6, 13, 20

Contact Joan for more information: 808-280-9005


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