Take a look at some of our previous Heart Intelligence Daylongs and other Special Events:

Romancing the Beloved – May 12th

an ecstatic ritual soiree that deepens connection to Self and Other

Saturday, May 12th from 6-10 pm

This ceremony allows us to bring forth the divine essence that can be felt and seen. We close the gap between gender woundedness. We reveal our inner spiritual essence. We nurture the split between and within the genders. We deepen our understanding of the challenge it is to be a man or woman in this world. We emerge with new ways of seeing and being. With elements of meditation, music, dance and deep connection with self and other we emerge renewed, felt and seen.

At: Hale Akua Garden Farm & Eco-Retreat Center, Huelo, HI

Event Schedule
–  5:45 PM Arrive and settle at Hale Akua
–  6:00-7:00 Crystalline Heart Attunement and Cacao Ritual
–  7:00-8:00 Heart Opening Ceremony
–  8:00- 10:00 Ecstatic Dance and Finger Food share

$20 advance purchase though PayPal or $25.00 at door:

Claiming Our Shadows – Heart Intelligence Daylong May 19

Claiming Our Shadows
Evolving Consciously with Heart Intelligence

for singles and couples

Saturday, May19th 10AM – 6PM in Huelo

Includes delicious organic lunch, $100.


When you think of “shadows”, do you envision skeletons coming out of the closet to get you? Don’t be afraid! What makes a shadow isn’t the shadow. It’s what you do subconsciously to hide the shadow that gives what’s hidden its power over you. When you shine the light on what’s hidden you become free of the control that shadow has over you.

Our shadow is simply a place where some of our precious life energy is in a trapped or un-owned state. Shadow Work, (and play!) especially around our sexual energy, releases pain, fear, shame and guilt. It frees trapped healthy passion, and helps us embody a more integrated and lighter relationship to our sexual energy.

We all have shadows, all shapes and sizes.  Ferreting out our shadows can be a portal to a treasure trove of more aliveness. Shining light on our shadows releases the energy that has been trapped there.

Finding our way home through the maze of judgments that surround this realm takes care, courage and love. It is the ultimate anti-aging medicine! It is some of the most important work on the path to awakening that we can do. And, it can help us all grow into healthier more alive human beings.

Our monthly community Heart Circle gives you the opportunity to be connected to life and to others in a way that is real and deeply nourishing. We have a different theme each month, all designed to deepen and enrich your life. Heart Intelligence is a powerful, user-friendly spiritual practice that helps you create more joy in your life as you build healthy connections with others.


Holotropic Breathwork Workshop – April 7

Holotropic Breathwork Daylong

Saturday, April 7th 9AM – 6PM
at Hale Akua Shangrila Center in Huelo – $80

Authentic Holotropic Breathwork is a safe and simple way to open to your deepest truth, trigger experiences of non-ordinary consciousness and open to deeper spiritual understanding. Lost memories from our personal history, experiences from our birth, and archetypal and cosmic phenomena become available to us in holotropic awareness, helping us transcend the constraints of our ordinary thoughts and habits.

Email: joan@talkinghearts.com or call 808 572-1250 for more information.

Nurturing, Healing, and Awakening Heart Circle – April 21

Nurturing, Healing, and Awakening Heart Circle

for couples and singles

Saturday, April 21, 10 am – 6 pm

$100 -includes a delicious organic lunch in a beautiful setting


Whatever hasn’t been cleared in our nervous system will continue to play out in different ways until we reset ourselves and allow our system to purge old stuff.

We can meditate, do yoga, or zone out with food or the busyness in our lives. It isn’t until we deal with the contraction in our bodies and in relationship with others, that we can relax into the present moment and trust the flow of life as it moves us irresistibly toward our awakening.

The good news is that since our wounding happened in relationship, it is in relationship with others that we can heal and evolve quickly.  When we are with others that are in their hearts and completely present, we create an amplified field. “When two are more are gathered together, there I AM in the midst of you”. This field invites movement toward wholeness that happens rapidly.

If you wish to join us for this next one let us know. R.S.V.P here and we will make it so! –and if there is someone you would like to share this with, please invite them!  email joan@talkinghearts.com or call 808 572-1250 for a reservation

The Art of Love – Feb. 17th

The Art of Love Using Heart Intelligence

February 17, 10 am – 6 pm for singles and couples

$100 -includes a delicious organic lunch

The strange thing about love in our intimate relationships is how we tend to show up first in our glorious beautiful polished self. And it isn’t until later we reveal where we are wounded and not really confident or capable of working with that much vulnerability and truth.

Weeks after the roses have shriveled and the chocolate’s long gone, your love will be growing ever stronger when you learn to practice love and refine the way you give it and receive it.
Spend a day with two masters of love who have helped thousands become better lovers. It all starts with you!

To become a world class lover takes practice! Register early for this special Heart Circle and become a better lover!
Joan and Tomas have been teaching relationship mastery for twenty years. Their work has touched thousands around the world. They are devotees of love in all its forms. Spending the day in a guided heart circle with them will up your game and connect you to others who are intentional in growing love in their life.

The Art of Transformation – Jan 20

Using our Past to Expand Our Future

Using Heart Intelligence
For singles and couples

January 20, 2018 from 10 am-6 pm

$100 includes a delicious organic lunch

What is deeply meaningful and alive that is trying to emerge in your life now? What have you learned from this past year—particularly challenges in this past cycle, that have forced you to a deeper surrender? What is rising from the ashes of this past year, and how do you wish to rise in your life to new heights of consciousness?  What are you calling in?

 Do you want:

Stronger connection to your life purpose?
Stronger intention in a particular direction?
More compassion for yourself and others?
More willingness to look at and move beyond life defeating patterns?
More ease and peace?
More trust in the process?
More self-confidence?
More willingness to be in peace and joy?

You can call in anything you want. It’s what you do to make it real that matters. What are the practices you are going to engage in to make it real?

As a community lets’ choose to:

Clear our field of negative self-talk
Stop complaining
Move our energetic range to a higher state
Jettison habits that deaden our aliveness
Move out of our comfort zone: Take more risks
Trust life
Eliminate the habits that undermine our peace of mind
Consciously practice being conscious
See the blueprint we are creating every moment of our lives
Evaluate our support system, and that means, the company you keep.

The payoff is not what we have on the outer plane—those things come and go. Through time we accumulate experience, and create our history. Real transformation happens naturally as we gather the wisdom from our experiences, and clarify our direction, by clearly following our hearts guidance. We cultivate the quality of energy, of consciousness, of life—that we want to live.

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