Are Your Venus and Mars Heart Intelligent?

using Shamanic Astrology 

October 21, 10 am-6 pm  For couples and singles

 $100 includes a delicious, bountiful, organic lunch

In this Heart Intelligence Circle we explore Venus and Mars in our natal chart.
Knowing our archetypal masculine and feminine aspects deepens our ability to use these energies effectively. Being seen through these lenses helps us feel and use their power, and helps us be more Heart Intelligent with one another.

Send birthdate, time and place of birth with registration

You Will:

  • Harmonize your masculine and feminine aspects through Heart Intelligence
  • Discover your original relationship intent as revealed in your chart
  • Embody the energy of the archetypes your soul came to investigate
  • Deepen your understanding of how to be successful in relationship
  • Taste the banquet of possibilities in relationship configuration
  • This workshop is about understanding and welcoming our inner masculine and feminine. We do this by creating a profound connection with our own archetypal blueprint. This brings a feeling of ease, harmony and aliveness. When we know who we are, we can fully embody the person we came to be, which frees us to be ourselves.This experience also deepens our understanding of how to be successful in relationship; starting with the relationship to our self!

Our greatest wound is not being mirrored accurately. We need the mirror of others to see ourselves fully.  Heart Intelligence gives you the opportunity to be mirrored in a way your soul longs for, and to feel the relief and satisfaction that comes from being seen and known. New possibilities of relationship fulfillment arise from this, that were not there previously.

We have been culturally and personally programed to think relationship “should be” a certain way. Different relationship scenarios work for different combinations of archetypal energies.  As we more fully understand and feel the ‘god and goddess’ energies we carry, we harmonize the feminine and masculine aspects in us. This is Heart Intelligence at it’s best!

There is a banquet of possibilities in relationship configuration.  The archetypes, characterized by 24 ‘gods and goddesses’ represent these facets. Each archetype has his/her own agenda regarding relationship. Knowing this agenda (that lives within us) aligns us with our original intent. When we are aligned with the energy of our original relationship intent, we relax into harmony with our true nature, and we can consciously use our natural energy to support us in moving toward what feels most authentic, alive and juicy for us.