for couples and singles Saturday June 17, 10 am – 6 pm

$100 -includes a delicious organic lunch in a beautiful setting

Every time we celebrate our victories, we boost our immune system and bring in more endorphins that allow us to feel more joy. We need to celebrate our victories and much as we need to mourn our losses. Both are important in expanding our range of feeling life to the fullest.

We will use our hearts to guide us to our most authentic truth, and explore how we can use our life energy we get through celebration to give us the ‘juice’ we need to give us more authentic joy. We’ll also explore what we need to make the way we  connect with others as deep, rich and potent as we can. We need one another to do this! We have reached the limit on how far we can grow as individuals. We are tribal creatures in our core, and we crave  connection and acceptance. We want to be seen and heard. We want to feel safe to be authentically ourselves.

email joan@talkinghearts.com or call 808 572-1250 for a reservation

Heart Intelligence gives you an opportunity to open your heart, expand your range, and discover what is holding you back from expressing your full potential. You can then move beyond your conditioning into what you really want for yourself, and with all your relationships. The work is accumulative. The more you participate and practice, the better you get at discovering where you are sourcing your truth, and the easier it is to get clear. Once your direction is clear, you naturally move toward more aliveness. You are more able to choose what feels better; mentally, physically, emotionally and energetically. You naturally become more joy-full.

If you wish to join us for this next one let us know. R.S.V.P here and we will make it so! –and if there is someone you would like to share this with, please invite them!  email joan@talkinghearts.com or call 808 572-1250 for a reservation

Last Saturday was a wonderful circle gathering! I find that the more I attend the Heart Intelligence workshops, the more I get out of them. Each one helps me to check in a little deeper with a lot more comfort.

I’m finding that I’m able to receive compliments more graciously and willingly with the H.I. practice. It feels good to take the compliment in rather than try to deflect someone’s observation of me.

On Saturday, my desire was to be able to be honest with my feelings while still being kind to others. The question of what was holding me back (the quickest way to get to the core) was answered internally by “fear”. Fear of hurting another’s feelings. The “ah ha” moment was my reminder to myself that I am not responsible for the way other people feel. The most important thing is to be sincere, authentic, and loving in my intent and actions. That is my ultimate responsibility. Karen Jones