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Spring Equinox Heart Intelligence Circle – March 16th

Spring Equinox: Connecting More Deeply
to Your Spiritual Life Purpose

Using Astrology and Heart Intelligence
For singles and couples

March 16, 2019 from 10 am-6 pm

$100 includes a delicious organic lunch

Our Sacred Purpose in the world gives us a way to engage our energies, and gives our soul a way to dance.

What is our Sacred Purpose? It usually involves bringing more love and consciousness to the world in some way. Our Sacred Purpose can be to raise a child, grow a garden, start a business, or clean houses. It’s not the nature of the work we do; it’s the energy we bring to whatever we do.

Our birth chart gives us a map of the energies that shape us, and gives us a blueprint for helping us see what we came here to be, and to do. This helps us feel into the gifts that we come with, and those gifts our soul wants us to develop.

Heart Intelligence shows us how to own what’s real and alive in the moment.  It helps us tune into our Heart and High Self so we can more ease-fully feel the guidance coming to us in each moment. 

Heart Intelligence works best in Circle energy, since the amplified field helps us feel more than we normally feel, that helps us tune in more deeply to our truth. The aphorism “it takes a tribe” is true here too.  We are not supposed to figure out this life by ourselves, or be alone in manifesting our spiritual purpose.

April 20th-Full Moon in Libra

Full Moon in Libra: Healing, Nurturing and Awakening
How We Give and Receive Love using Heart Intelligence

for singles and couples

Saturday, April 20th 10AM – 6PM in Huelo

Includes delicious organic lunch, $100.

Our energetic emotional range determines the amount of life force we have available to us at any moment. However, many of us never were given permission to express ourselves fully.  We may have felt unsafe, unseen, unloved, and perhaps over-run. We learned to block feelings coming toward us, and also those moving through us. Therefore the amount of love we are able to give and receive is diminished.

If you were shamed or punished for your tears, anger, rambunctiousness, or your sensual self, you learned to repress that energy. Trapped emotional energy often comes out sideways. Once we are able to feel what the ensnared energy is, and express it in a safe container, we have more access to our full range of aliveness.

What do you want in your life in terms of energy that will give you more juice? Do you need more strength and power, or more flow and softness? Do you need more raw expression of your lust, or more sensitivity in how you express it?

The great thing about working in the safe container of a Heart Circle is the support you receive and give as you embody the dynamism and frequency you want in your life now. You are witnessed and supported in being more authentically alive and real, and as you embody this, you take it with you into your world.


May 18th – Full Moon in Scorpio

Full Moon in Scorpio ~ Shadow Temple

Claim the Power from your Light and Dark Shadows

Using Heart Intelligence

for singles and couples

Saturday, May 18th 10AM – 6PM in Huelo

Includes delicious organic lunch, $100.

“If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you.
If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.

~ Gnostic gospel of Thomas

Shadow Temple is a sacred space where we work together to become conscious of and unwind self-defeating habits that lower our vibration.

Have you ever noticed that you become uncomfortable when things are going really well for you? Have you ever had the best times of your life with a partner, to have one or the other of you crash it? We see this in our relationship, often around a full moon. And Scorpio Full Moon is always a duzy!

Why is this?

Len’s Law says that we all have a threshold for the amount of success and joy we can let in before we start to trigger defense mechanisms that actually lower our vibration to prevent any more of that which we really want from coming to us. It sounds crazy, but we’re sure you can relate.

It’s like we have a glass dome, and when we get to a certain level of energy, expansion and joy, our self-defeating habits kick in. It’s like a transparent bubble keeps us in a place that on some level feels safe, because it is known. It is the way we learned to react to our environment, and it is a habit that we have practiced over and over in our life. Heart Intelligence calls this mechanism that works in tandem with our shadows, our stuart.

Stuart is an acronym for the qualities we need in order to disarm our habitual protective programs.  To move beyond these defensive mechanisms we need to feel:  Safety, Trust, Understanding, Awareness, Relaxation, and Tenderness, for ourselves, and for others.  

Our Stuart protects our Shadow, so say we are angry at a friend, but because we think anger is bad, and maybe don’t know how to express what we feel, we stay busy, and distance ourselves from that person. Or maybe we feel sad or confused, and feel ashamed of those feelings, so we put on a happy face, or talk about the weather or politics, to distract from what is real.

By getting to know and personify our Stuart, and see the shadow it is “protecting”, we can have a relationship with it. As we track and get to know these habitual defense patterns, we can acknowledge them when we see them come up, and choose more effective ways to interact with those we love.

Events & Classes

Over the course of the last several years, Joan and Tomas Heartfield have been leading workshops in the following:

Heart Intelligence Circles
Heart Intelligence gives you an opportunity to open your heart, expand your energetic emotional range, and discover what is holding you back from expressing your full potential. You can then move beyond your conditioning into what you really want for yourself, and with all your relationships.

Heart Intelligence gives you an opportunity to open your heart, expand your energetic emotional range, and discover what is holding you back from expressing your full potential. You can then move beyond your conditioning into what you really want for yourself, and with all your relationships. The work is accumulative. The more you participate and practice, the better you get at discovering where you are sourcing your truth, and the easier it is to get clear. Once your direction is clear, you naturally move toward more aliveness. You are more able to choose what feels better; mentally, physically, emotionally and energetically. You naturally become more joy-full.

Integral Loving
This balanced, holistic and juicy experience helps you find the joy your heart longs for in all your relationships, sexual or not.  Explore the mysterious connection with your life energy/Shakti, awakening your ability to fully embody your ecstatic aliveness. Focus and direct this energy toward what you want for faster manifestation and greater self confidence. Fusing Tantric and Taoist Sacred Sexual Practices, Heart Intelligence, and Compassionate Communication as an integral experience.

Conversations That Matter
A relationship preparedness experience directed towards friendship and intimacy. It is for singles who wish to make and maintain conscious connections and cultivate the fine art of relationship. In CTM you expand your ability to appreciate the uniqueness of men and women and their approach to life.  You have the opportunity to develop refined communication skills in pleasant one on one and small groups settings, and to learn cutting edge relationship skills, so that once in a partnership, you have what it takes to make relationship work.

Opening to Love Ceremonies
An ecstatic modern ritual soiree that opens the door to heart and soul connections. We practice seeing past the personality into each others heart and soul. We create a space for genuine connection, where we can be seen, heard and felt, and learn to open our hearts to the Love that lives within us, and in others.

Romancing the Beloved
An expansive, nourishing and uplifting experience, to empower the essence and ecstasy of divine intimacy for both singles and couples. We explore ways to open the heart and to stabilize and enhance the quality of energy we want to share in relationship. We share methods of healing, nurturing and awakening the chakras, so that we can feel the totality of who we are, and bring that to one another.

Talking Hearts Training
This nine-month training is designed to develop confidence, clarity and expertise in sharing what is real, alive, and emerging from your essential self. It will help you to explore, understand, and express your truth. You will develop for yourself, and skillfully facilitate others, in finding those “Ah-ha” moments.for those who want to learn to coach and/or counsel others, lead workshops, teach classes, or simply discover how to support yourself and your friends with practices that open up your awareness to reveal the deeper energies that are influencing our personality, decision-making and our journey through life. Over the course of the 9 months you will learn the basics of: Voice Dialogue, Gestalt,  Non-Violent Communication, Psychodrama, Family Dynamics, Heart Intelligence, Stanislav Grof’s work including Holotropic Breathwork and sitting for others in non-ordinary states of consciousness,  Shamanic healing in non-ordinary states,  Shamanic Astrology and Archetypal Astrology Transits.

Holotropic Breathwork

A safe and powerful way to open to our deepest truth, trigger experiences of non-ordinary consciousness and open to deeper spiritual understanding. Lost memories from our personal history, experiences from our birth, and archetypal and cosmic phenomena become available to us in holotropic awareness, helping us transcend the constraints of our ordinary thoughts and habits. Trust your inner healer, the deep wisdom of your psyche; Bear witness to, and release suffering;Support one another through a dramatic process of unfolding; Deepen compassion for yourself and others; Feel yourself at one with the Universe.

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