Using our Past to Expand Our Future

Using Heart Intelligence
For singles and couples

January 20, 2018 from 10 am-6 pm

$100 includes a delicious organic lunch

What is deeply meaningful and alive that is trying to emerge in your life now? What have you learned from this past year—particularly challenges in this past cycle, that have forced you to a deeper surrender? What is rising from the ashes of this past year, and how do you wish to rise in your life to new heights of consciousness?  What are you calling in?

 Do you want:

Stronger connection to your life purpose?
Stronger intention in a particular direction?
More compassion for yourself and others?
More willingness to look at and move beyond life defeating patterns?
More ease and peace?
More trust in the process?
More self-confidence?
More willingness to be in peace and joy?

You can call in anything you want. It’s what you do to make it real that matters. What are the practices you are going to engage in to make it real?

As a community lets’ choose to:

Clear our field of negative self-talk
Stop complaining
Move our energetic range to a higher state
Jettison habits that deaden our aliveness
Move out of our comfort zone: Take more risks
Trust life
Eliminate the habits that undermine our peace of mind
Consciously practice being conscious
See the blueprint we are creating every moment of our lives
Evaluate our support system, and that means, the company you keep.

The payoff is not what we have on the outer plane—those things come and go. Through time we accumulate experience, and create our history. Real transformation happens naturally as we gather the wisdom from our experiences, and clarify our direction, by clearly following our hearts guidance. We cultivate the quality of energy, of consciousness, of life—that we want to live.

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