We help you find your sweet spot for living a juicy, embodied and passionate life!

Whether you are in a new or long-term relationship; single, married or recovering from a painful relationship, we can support you in moving toward a more fulfilling, gratifying and  passion filled life.

  • Discover what it takes to find love and nurture its growth
  • Create loving and meaningful relationship
  • Heal from emotional and sexual trauma
  • Remove the blocks to intimacy
  • Communicate with ease and grace
  • Become a skillful, intuitive and creative lover
  • Infuse yourself with fresh energy, insight and a new level of commitment

“You helped me so beautifully in one session.  As a professional, and also a client with a variety of counselors, I found your ability to support, explore,confront, and offer exercise for growth amazingly effective. I have not felt this peaceful in a very long time.”

Donna, CPO

“My Beloved, Peter and I had such a wonderful time with you. We are quite changed now. Our life together is fuller and more loving than it ever has been, and we are more conscious of our love for each other than before. Thank you sincerely for your guidance. You are doing life-changing work!”


Dental Hygenist

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