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 How can I love you as perfectly as I can?

That is the question we have been asking ourselves and each other since 1996.

Joan and Tomas Heartfield, and Pono

“Hey, if you really want to know how to love me perfectly, I’ll tell you. First, you can listen. I mean, really listen. Don’t interrupt me, defend yourself or make me wrong for wanting what I want. Let me say it all, then I’ll listen to you. Let’s have a real conversation about what we each feel and want. It seems like we both want connection, ease, harmony, passion and joy. Let’s find a strategy that works for us both. How’s that for a start?”

Wouldn’t it be great if it were that easy? It’s not always that easy for us, either, but many times it is.

When we met in 1995 in the jungles of Ecuador, we had no idea our coming together would birth a new experience of how to have an ongoing beloved relationship. Over the years we discovered that we had to, as Socrates said, “Know thyself.” We dove into our  feelings and desires, and learned to share them without blame and judgment. We leaned how to navigate conflict by deeply listening to one another. We found what most enlivened us individually and took responsibility for our own joy so we could bring our best to each other.

So who are we?  Individual souls connected to the oneness and awake to the miracle of life; grateful little monkeys in awe of the flow of divine intelligence; and wise beings gifted with the ability to see the truth and stand for it.

“I wanted to thank you for our connection, and the love that I am starting to experience and explore since I had the opportunity to be with you. I now know it’s there, and how it feels to connect in that way. I want to deepen that connection into the deepest corner of my soul. I received so much healing from this and I can only deeply quietly appreciate your gift and your love. Joan, I think you are the most special being on this planet. There is not one moment where I do not feel you present in what you are doing.  And Tomas, you are so sweet and loving, a truly awakened soul.Your clear, careful and loving guidance allowed me to experience a part of myself I have dreamed about but have never known. You have shown me my true empowered self, my Divine Feminine. I feel like the woman I was meant to be.”  ~ Much love, – Manuela Christener, Avatar teacher

“Because of my exposure to your work, I was able to take everyone to a new more embodied level in my own work. I am very grateful both personally and for what I am now able to offer others.” ~Tim Freke, Hay House author

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