A juicy, heart centered approach to sacred sexuality,
communication, relationships and spiritual evolution.

Relationship Advice that works.

Our intention is to enliven you with wisdom and options that make your life more wonderful.  We honor and help you expand what’s alive in you, so you can access this energy and move it into your life to enjoy and manifest what you want.

I consider Joan and Tomas two of the most leading edge teachers on the planet right now. And they both make my heart sing with joy and fun!

Christiane Northrup. M.D.

Author of Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom

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Joan and Tomas Heartfield

Love is stalking us with every breath we take. Our relationship with love is at the core of everything we experience. It is there waiting for us in each unique moment.

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“I wanted to thank you for our connection, and the love that I am starting to experience and explore since I had the opportunity to be with you. I now know it’s there, and how it feels to connect through the heart. It wants me to deepen that connection into the deepest corner of my soul. I received so much healing from this, and I can only deeply quietly appreciate your gift and your love. Joan, I think you are the most special being on this planet. There is not one moment where I do not feel you present in what you are doing. You are such a dear, open, awakened soul.  And Tomas, you are so sweet. present and loving. Your clear careful and loving guidance allowed me to experience a part of myself I have dreamed about but have never known. You have shown me my true empowered self, my Divine Feminine. I feel like the woman I was meant to be.” Much love,

Manuela, Avatar teacher

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